Best ADSL for budget?

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DVS Matt

Just want to find out if anyone out there knows of the best ADSL for budget?

I'm just looking for a standard 256/64 connection for under $50/month.

Preferably unlimited downloads etc.

Thanks in advance

TPG is the best value out there. very fast and stable.

I run 3 computers off of mine (mine, my gf's work machine and our server) and get average download speeds of 140KB which is very good. Itis only 20GB per month but this is the most I have used so far in a month and i am on 10GB.

In the end I am glad I didnt sacrifce speed etc for downlads
Metro Residential ADSL 1500/256k
$24.95 for 200mb

Metro Residential ADSL 1500/256k
$49.95 unlimited

I want unlimited for $35-
the adsl is for eagleangel, i already have a corporate connection.

i ahve had some serious probs with her computer of late, the latest thing to go wrong is that the pc freezes when connected to a 56k modem.

the pc does not freeze when i connect to my cable connection

i'm at a loss to solve it, so i thought i would look at getting adsl for her pc.

all she does is cruise the net, download songs, e-mail etc.

she'd get away with 10gig a month, agree?
Just by a different brand 56k modem....they only cost $30- each.

Some PC can be funny with certain brand modems
negative on that front:

i have

a) replaced the internal modem with my old 56k external modem. Same problem

b) re-installed drivers on her modem. Same Problem

She originally had virues/spyware all throughout her pc. We get rid of it all by updating her system from Windows ME to Windows XP and installing mcaffe anti-virus and anti-spyware programs.

Now i have this fugging problem
dude I dont think cable will fix the problem, it will just degenerate.

I would look at backing up important data and formatting this usually helps!

upgrades always stuff up other things so a clean format and instal to Xp should do the trick.

If your ereally game instal Ubuntu instead of windows its a linux install based on debian and very good from what I have seen. i am sure my friend will read this and promote it anyway
very weird, it doesnt have xp service pack 2?
I am on TPG - $50 a month for 20 Gig. 2 computers and max 10 gig.

The only thing that happends when you reach 20 is the speed slows to about twice perfect modem connection and the only way you can max it out is to DL heaps of movies or mp3's.

They have been down twice now in 5 months - less than 1 day each time.

It was by far and away teh best when i looked in Jan.
They went down last night between 12 - 1 I was half way through finishing the site!
Metro Residential ADSL 1500/256k
$24.95 for 200mb

Metro Residential ADSL 1500/256k
$49.95 unlimited

I want unlimited for $35-
Danny would be very keen on any Metro deal I would have thought!!!
:blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: !BDH!
Must be nice.

We're still stuck with 28k modems out here. And Telstra crap on about the parity between bush and city.

yeah but iinet i think you have to sign up for their phone plan too.

TPG is awesome

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