Beer In Cans @ Brooky

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I was hit in the back of the head with a 1/3 full beer can on Saturday night near the top of the hill on the 20m line at the northern end. Firstly to the scum who cant' handle their grog, you must be so proud of yourself wasting beer and ruining my Saturday night out. You are a truly a waste of space. Secondly why is beer still being sold in cans at Brookvale? Other venues sell it in plastic cups. I was the not only victim there were at least 10 other people in my vicinity who were also subject to this rubbish at the footy, all this after coughing a 10% increase in admission fee of $22.00 to sit and watch the crap served up by our team at a antiquated stadium. I have been going to the footy at Brooky for nearly all of my 33 years but this has really left a sour taste in mouth.
Mate there were a lot of pissed people on the hill, including Raider supporters fighting amongst themselves. That is one of the problems with night games in comparison to sunday arvo matches.

Mate I would send a complaint to the club on this you make a good point
We were all Manly supporters around where I was sitting too. It all started because some wanker took exception to a young bloke sitting a few meters in front of me with a northern eagles guernsey on instead instead of a Manly one, so he proceeded to abuse him and with the young bloke and his mates started giving him some **** back he decided to throw a beer at him after they had turned their back which missed him and hit a hot babe. After that their were beer cans being launched back and forth at regular intervals always missing their targets and involving more innocent bystanders until all started to blow up just before full time and which point the original instigator took off as 30+ people were ready to take action into their own hands as security were only about 20mins too late.
All of these bad experiences should be passed on to the club.

Officials were very concerned about the alcohol situation.
Beaches Boy - I saw the incident that you are referring to and I don't think it nearly as bad as you're making out. The young blokes having a go at each other were really just a bunch of louts with too much grog inside them. The problems really began when various "third parties" who had no involvement in the situation at all started to throw their two cents in. As for the security, well there were no actual punches thrown or any physical contact so there nothing much they could do. I'm not a fan of night matches at Brookvale. I think a lot of people spend all afternoon drinking and then continue that at the game, which can only lead to this kind of trouble. The bigger issue though is those aggresive and over-zealous fans who think they should be involved (which was what really escalated this situation). We are all Manly fans and should really make more of an effort to keep our own counsel and not get involved.

As for the young bloke down the front - why anyone would wear a Northern Eagles jersey to a Manly game is beyond me.

Greater security on the hill is whats needed.
People should not get hit in the head with cans full stop.

I have taken to stting on the Southern end of the hill due to the blokes you are talking about. We were near a lot of Canberra supporters who were all fine except two who took to fighting with each other!!!
Obviously not. No sane person would disagree with that. I think we need to look at the root causes though, rather than simply banning cans. Otherwise we'll wind up with a boring, sanitised experience like the cricket. People can always through something, so the solution is to address the agro that seems to be so prevalent these days on the hill at night games. I think that extra security, and a return to Sunday afternoon would be a much welcome move.
I never said their were any punches thrown, as for physical contact i think me being sconed in the nogin more than constitutes this.
Anyway I am over it now I just hope the security is upgraded for future matches as I love my Sea Eagles and would like to be able to attend future matches without having to put up with this crap. All they need to do is place a few security guards on the hill and stop selling cans, plastic cups is the go, before someone is seriously hurt and Brookvale's reputation is ruined. Fire up Manly!!
The security was a joke.

My dad bought tickets for us all on Friday and Linda and Mark met up with him to get tickets whilst I ran to the club as I wasn’t feeling well.

So I told them to go in and I would call them to pass my ticket through the fence.

This over enthusiastic security officer gave us hell trying to take my ticket because you cant pass them through the fence.
How dense are these people? Do they not realize that if the ticket has been used it wont let me through anyway? We sat there and argued with him for more that 5 minutes even though Mark produced his ticket to show him that he was simply passing me my ticket. Meanwhile I was still feeling ill and wanted nothing more than to sit down.

So Manly get your act together. I know security personal are often not the most intelligent people born to this earth, but you would think they would understand how the tickets work and understand that sometimes people pre-buy their tickets or buy for their friends and hand them their tickets.

So moron, you are lucky I didn’t end up throwing up on you….grrrrr

On top of that I saw several young kids about 13 get very roughly handled, and literally wrestled to the ground by some security personal for simply playing around, they were causing no harm.
Absolute ****ing morons, that is the family hill not the Nazi regime hill where fun is strictly forbidden to all!
Selling beer in cans is about as outdated as the lighting and team was at brookie on saturday night.
so he proceeded to abuse him and with the young bloke and his mates started giving him some **** back he decided to throw a beer at him after they had turned their back which missed him and hit a hot babe.

F*ck that! Leave the babes out of this you drunken bastards!
I have been going to the footie for 3 decades and can't remember any serious loutish behaviour until this year - both at the trial and Saturday's game. It disappoints me the whole way this is going. Thanks to these drunken clowns an enjoyable day/night at the footie will become something that families just won't go to.
i dont understand why people cant just follow in my footsteps. I was about as drunk as anyone and used the alco fuel to voice my opinion of the raiders and support for manly, not a single bit of agro. Its not that hard people.
yeah but you arent 16 and in search of your first sexual experience Fluff, you are old enough to handle your grog.
yeh but the 1 guy who started all this crap was well into his twenties, as for the group I'd say late teens, old enough to know better. Look I love getting smashed as much as anyone but I am not a fan of this anti-social crap just beacuse you are drunk.
I think we all agree mate. You're preaching to the converted on this point. There's no need to be melodramatic though...what happens at other grounds is far worse (e.g. Bulldogs games and Tigers night games at Lecihhardt - one poor Manly fan got set upon by ten of their thug fans at the Friday night game last year).

Saturday night was pretty much an isolated incident that will be easily solved with a few more guards on the hill. It was made to look worse by the over-reaction of some. I hate to think that people are now telling their mates that Brooky is a dangerous ground just because of a few young blokes mouthing off.

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