Beazley climbing the polls!


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John howard has dropped four points in the battle against Kim Beazely who now has "48%" approval rate in the latest polls.

A good move for the labour party and a positive move from australia.
I was shocked when you mentioned Climbing and beazley.........
Having split opinions is what keeps a country honest. Take America for example. One main, big say... how can it function proporly?
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Thats gold. Ok it is good that there is some sort of opposition.

Remember though

Latham was clear leader prior to the election on all polls..Then got trounced!
byso look say what you want but you will be first against the wall when the revolution comes champ
Um... no, it's the Libs that are conservative and will ban all legal recognition of gay marriages... and really do want to make it harder for woment to work. Oh, and did I forget that since they have the majority of seats in both houses not only will they get that through they will ban abortion and possibly get the bill through that will give control of the armed forces to the majoirty holding party.

Oh dear...

Back to the 1700s for us anywyas...
Hopium, gay marriges is something we would not understand. But, I agree. Do what you want too, but flufy really does need to know it bugs you :wink: I feel like your going behind his back :p
My best mate, Liesha, has been going out with the best woman for almost a year now. I would like to see them married someday.
Fluff knows them well too. I'm pretty sure he'd fight for whatever made them happy...
But you guys should meet Liesha & Toni... I've seen the most conservative of Howard supporters fall in love with them! LOL
Hmm, biggest problem is im not a chick. But byso... its coming mate. And when it comes, we will have deaths everywhere from homeless, illegal abortion and the like. Very sad news but sometimes abortion needs to be done, as sad as it seems.
I agree Flipp.

But it will not get passed...."don't believe the hype" (as i break into some 90's dance moves) :wink:

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