Beaver - one of the best ever

I'd just like to offer Beaver my congratulations for making the Test team at the ripe old age of 32. Whilst we all recognise his brilliance over the years, I still feel we probably take him a little for granted. I mean, if he was at a currently higher profile and more successful Club, and thus subject to a lot more scrutinization and attention, the media would be probably talking about him as an 'Immortal' at this stage - I'm not kidding. But because Manly haven't done well in recent times, and because he is generally pretty quiet and stays out of the media and trouble, he tends to fly under the rugby league radar. I wasn't able to see any rugby league before 1987 (age 7), but I can't imagine there were too many guys better than him in the history of the game. I mean to score that many tries, and play that many games is amazing. This guy may be in the top dozen or so players of all time. So let's really enjoy his last season or two at the Club, because we may NEVER see a better player than him in our lives. Here's to Beaver. :clap:

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Great post and too true. We look at him with Maroon and White eyes but most general observers of the game are in admiration. He was awesome as an attacking player in the Lyons era, stood out in the 'Dark Era" and now is an excellent all-round player.

I think Crusher is right that had he played through the last five years in a top team he would be close to being considered an immortal. He carried the Northern Eagles and showed a loyalty to Manly that is almost unheard of in the modern era. I hope we get another year or two out of him.

One more thing to mention is how little time he has missed through injury over the years.

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Great post, he will be an immortal for Manly fans and I believe should not be for his trying scoring or defence but his sheer loyality to the club. He stayed for less money than what he could have got elsewhere, he didn't walk out when the going got tough after the merge.

He is without doubt one of the greats and the fact is his try scoring record (as a forward) will probably never be broken. Therefore he is going to be remember for many years to come by all supporters, not juts eagle fans.

Top stuff Beaver, I hope he re signs soon maybe for 2 more seasons. I would love to see him hold the most NRL games by a player.


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I echo everything you guy's have said in your posts.Beaver will go down in the top 5 alltime Manly greats.I believe Beaver & BK might be the only current squad named in Manly's Legends team to be announced in August.That will be a fitting reward to a man we all look upto and admire.Not just for his footballing feats but as a fine human being.I hope Beaver signs for another 2 seasons at least so he can have a go at most games played by any player in the game.
I am lucky enough to have Beavers 1995 World Cup Final Jersey signed by the entire touring team(with a record 8 Manly players in the squad)it holds pride of place on my wall at home...It will be a truely sad day when The Beaver final hangs up his headgear.I am looking foward to watching him play as many games as he has left in him..Go Beaver and Go The Mighty Sea Eagles..


Well pretty much anything i would say about steve menzies has already been said.

The bloke is an inspiration to all young kids running around these days.. the type of player that plays football for his club because he loves it.. not for what he gets on a blank cheque at the end of the week!!

He is a role model not only as a footballer but as a human being aswell... Rarely injured maybe to do with luck but you also have to remain dedicated and professional if your gonna last the length of time beaver has been in the game and withstand any serious injuries... also in the 12 or 13 (sorry mind went blank) years he's been in the top grade he is very rarely seen wandering into the judiciary and that just shows what type of player and person he is!!

It will be a sad day when the beaver hangs up his headgear, we will all miss his trademark copy book tackles and his pride in wearing the maroon and white... here's to hopefully a couple more seasons out of the great man and let's all sit back and really soak up what this bloke has achieved in his career and what he will give the club as his career winds down!!

:clap: :clap: :clap:

P.S - I meant that to only go for a sentence or two but when i get started on the beaver i just can't stop


Beaver is a living Legend and will become an immortal.
Can you imagine how much the headgear would fetch at auction. He has knocked back sponsored fancy headgear to stay with the old faithful one. Top stuff Beaver. Please give us 2 more years.

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