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We may not have won but tonight shows we can beat Melbourne if we have BK back and in Sydney.

Our scrambling defence was good but we have some work to do this week around the rucks.

Rose needs more game time and Minogue HAS to be the one to make way for BK.

Was Dunley's report incident bad? Maybe Ballin should have been given a run or two hey?


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There was nothing in Dunley's tackle. However, I won't be too sad to see him suspended for a match or two. If he does, it'll probbaly just mean Willow goes back to the bench and Kennedy back into lock.


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Agree, although we lost its not the end of the world.

Go the Warriors!!!!

Go you hopeless buggers :lol: . I think they're a chance of beating them but I'm still happy to play Newcastle.

I'll just cut and paste my thoughts on the game;
Absolutely top game! Loved it. I can't wait for the finals games.
Just on Manly's performance:
- Goal line defence much better than previous games.
- Still playing very expansive football and not making too many errors as a result of that.
- Rose. Once again outstanding and I think we'll see him come into the game earlier in the finals. Just for the Manly fans, have you noticed the way George finishes off tackles? He just hits them with his gut and down they go . Cracks me up every time.
- Scramble defence. I think we have the best scramble in the league. Quick back three who communicate well and other players following the break through.

- Can look very incoherent in attack close to the line. Headless chooklike at times.
- Dunley. I don't think he's terrible, has had a couple of good games recently. But his defence is questionable at times and the referees seem to have it in for him. With Kennedy likely to come back next week I'd much rather have Williamson on the bench and three props, I just think it's a better balance.

Really enjoyable game. If we make a couple of improvements on that performance we'll go far this year.


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Rose had 8 runs for 85 metres with 2 offloads. Second most metres of our forwards to Kite (who had 14 for 88 =/). Rose took THREE hit-ups in one set. The other forwards should have looked at how he was playing tonight and followed him. He put the others to shame.


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Ten runs for 80.

Menzies had 10 for 62, Watmough 11 for 67, Willow 4 for 23, Leuluai 7 for 58 and Bryant 4 for 23 (!).

Matai was our best back in terms of metres made with 21 for 184 and 4 offloads :clap:

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- Can look very incoherent in attack close to the line. Headless chooklike at times.

Has been our problem for two seasons now. We don't look anything like resembling a clinical finishing team inside the opposition 20. I really think our attack lacks structure at times, and our ball players and hole runners don't seem to be on the same page. If we can improve this aspect of our game we'll be hard to hold out.


like i said last year.. attacking structure is a coach thing.. not a half back issue...

Des has to sort it out.. as we have no attacking plays.


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bull**** kaza - thats the half back and captains fault - get rid of them both as per last year - same rules apply, nothing special because we have doubled the salary

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