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have any of you been banned from mse site i just have and be bugged if i know why oh well what do you do :violin: :violin: :violin:


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Hmmm thats the first time Ive heard of anyone getting banned from there. they are usually pretty tolerant over there of differing opinions.

Maybe Matas can offer more ;)


Kim Jong Dan
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i was banned for a sarcastic comment to some girl who claimed she was behind the MSE site because she suggested the Maroon colour to Aaron.

was rather funny
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if we had the same rules here we would all be stuffed .i think it was when i said des was brainless for picking williamson .dunley. king again in this weeks team i guess they don,t like the truth
i liken that site to the NRL judiciary.. it makes it more fun.

You go over there.. plead your case and then sit and wait to find out how long your out of the game for!
My "pepsis summarry" went down like a lead ballon! i copped it from all sides with a suggestion i go floow souths as thats where i thought half our players should go! I didnt get banned though so mayby ive stumbled accross something LOL
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Ive been involved in a few skirmishes over there but so long as you dont go overbaord and be blatantly offensive with language or threats and such, then it seems no problem.

You guys must be rudebugga. Jatz must be goodfella.
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I guess various incarnations of me have been banned there around 10 times. Sue ridgepipe and I are neck and neck.

Currently I'm still alive though they haven't restored 70 demerit points to me which were supposed to be given back in April.
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As long as you see and accept the positive side of communism, you'll be just fine.
You mean..... such stuff as being able to as traffick in arms & nuclear weapons with 3rd world countries & rougue nations. Oh OK then.


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thats hardly a communist only pursuit Jatz, the good old US of A probably sells more arms than anywhere else in the world.

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