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It is against the rules. (Plainly stated)

It is blatantly stupid as it is aimed straight at this site and WSS. They hope to freeze us out by limiting our exposure to new members but this is more evidence of a siege mentality of a few in the club.


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You can say "silvertails site"

Anyone who knows anything about the internet can use google to find us.


Excuse my ignorance - I go to both sites - and love both of them

But why the need for two sites for the one fantastic team?????

Help me Im puzzled


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1 is not a fan site. It is an offical site run like a Nazi Regieme.

the second, us here at Silvertails just love footy and keep it that way. We cut the crap out of being a supporter.

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I go to each of the three Manly sites - though this is my favourite.

WSS seems to be mainly the old "Im Bored' and General Discussion forum mob from the old MSE. A few of the guys there are younger - a nice group of guys - some of whom have had some falling out with some of the Rockers. (I am oversimplying things of course.)

This site is a mixture of people, many of whom find the MSE site lacking in debate, concerning hard issues relating to Manly.

I don't see that this site or WSS are trying to take the place of MSE (can't expect to) but simply hope to add something for supporters of Manly. There are one or two outspoken fans that post on this site (who are not tolerated by certain members of the Rockers as they are viewed as too negative) who have a record of being banned on the official forums, some for good reason and some maybe unjustly.

My advice - trawl around them all and enjoy!


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Somatik, you may notice we speak our mind more on this site, without the feeble threats on being banned.

There was also a chap who made a legitimate complaint. Then subsequently got banned. Very strange indeed.

This site is certainly popular for many Manly supporters.

Enjoy your stay.

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