Banned Again!!!

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First Grader
lol, was nothing in that Fonz.

The guy complained in a post after you called him a tossbag I think. U upset the poor fella!!!


First Grader
Either that or she was 8................maybe wrote the content for the website for a week :)

Aarons banner comment was gold, "it was a good idea putting maroon in the banner"

Hello what are we gunna have blue and yellow?

The Fonz

Reserve Grader
What thread was it?

It was the thread Ryan started titled "Outstanding positives for 2006" and that tossbag western eagle (note i didn't use capitals for his name) was argueing with Ryan about Matai being a rep player and Ryan brought up the fact that Matai played for the New Zealand a side. Tossbag then went on to say that the NZ a side is hardly a national side so i bluntly pointed out to him that it was still classed as a rep side. Soft cock tranny.

Can someone please get on that site and point out to that poofter that NZ aren't the world champions merely the tri nations champions. Also, could you please express to him my sincere disgust at his lack of manhood. Seriously, who complains when called a name? Bet you he's a friggin soccer player and he's never copped a big hit in his life. :evil:

The Fonz

Reserve Grader
So sorry AARON

For the record there are only 2 swear words. 1 starts with an F and 1 with a C and i never used either of them.

I am god.


Kim Jong Dan
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lol get your brother on the case!

hey I play soccer and have copped big hits!

but yeah, what a toss bag.

"Western" eagle says it all!


I'm bored at the moment...maybe we should start a thread debating MSE v Silvertails- that's sure to get heated- I'll get it started if you like!


Kim Jong Dan
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fonz, here is the thread. I just threw in my reply

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