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Labour day here in QLD nothing much else to do but watch the game again.

Took particular notice this time on Orford performance, monaghan, halden and ballin.

I must say, on second observation, it was all Ballin. He is the reason we started to attack with flair. He darts from dummy, he has one hell of a beautiful pass and he just reads the play so well. He takes the ball from dummy, gives Orford great service in an excellent position and everything would roll on from that. He set a few up and scored himself too.

Orford, apart from 1 missed tackle, it wasn't 2 like we were all saying. A forward pass that was VERY borderline. A knock on off a kick off (first one ever) he really didn't have the disastrous game we all thought. Take away the heat of the moment and myself included might have gone over board on the criticism. The first half was very flat from him but the second half was actually quite good. Especially when ballin came on it really looked a lot like the melbourne days. Cameron smith onto orford.

Monaghan, well, I gave him too much credit yesterday, on second look it was Ballin who really picked us up but I really think we should give Monas another look it at the number 6 job. He did play very well and didn't get in Orfords way like in the NQ game.

Its no coincidence that when halden went off we got better. He was playing center ffs. Its hardly his fault if we go better when Lyon moves there to accomodate ballin the gun.

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Interesting, always good to have a 2nd look at the game.

Ballin must be there IMO

Chip and Chase

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Yep Ballin was the difference, crisper service from dummy half gives the first receiver that half a second more time. Plus his runs from dummy half are generally more effective. He has got to start IMO.


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It was ballins most dangerous and effective attacking game so far.

The question is can he be that good for 80 minutes or is it better to have that come on later in the halfs to kick start the team?

Me, id like to see him start, after 20 - 25 have a break then come back on for the last 30 to play like he did yesterday


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Thank you for stating the obvious Flipper. I think I've been vilified today for suggesting Ballin's inclusion was the turning point?

Don't hold your breath though. If Halden can keep him on the bench then we all know loopy Monas will be cluttering up the rucks on Burns' return.


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Almost everyone here has been vilified by Ballins inclusion as hooker, some also with monas at 5/8 and half back this year, and a few others with King.

Got a lot more vilification to catch up buddy


UFO Hunter
Ok your going to have to explain that one for me fluffy, its know its late but WTF are you talking about?

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