Dude, we all were. Don't think you're on your own here. Anyone who saw him play was going nuts about him.

He should've been given a go as soon as he came to the club.
:lol: Gold Mata!

When is your birthday, I'll be sure to send you a mirror for a gift! ;)
Mata was right however the only person I believe who did not believe he had the talent was Corso Pete and he ate humble pie after the Tigers game.

Mata was definately the most outspoken on the matter thats for sure so I guess he put his balls on the line more than others and deserves to bask in his glory for a moment.
When Monnas 1st came to the club, I said he'd play SOO, and Witt/Mullane & co would always be behind him. I guess I'm admitting "I" was wrong in my projections.
Ballin = Exciting Prospect.

I will refer to a quote often mentioned when Jason King's name gets thrown up.

"A few games doesn't make a season"
My mistake :lol:

You know what I meant... he looks like a good little player and before i saw him play I also said i had no opinion of him because i'd never seen him play before Round 2 this year.

But, after 3 games and we are getting threads like "Hail King Ballin" etc... Fair dinkum.

Jason King gets ridiculed basically straight away and he's shown previously he is up to first grade (albeit not very consitently) just as Ballin has shown (thus far). Is ballin going to be sacrificed once he has an off game or is he just a robot and doesn't have off games??
Yeah, I'll pay that.

But, you can see what i'm saying.. let's not go cream our pants already. Jason King has played as well if not better for the first 3 games of this year aswell
Halden has no errors, given away no penalties in his entire career.

Stuff Johns, theres your next immortal
In what position would you like these slaps on the back mata ?

You can all kiss my big, fat, white [censored]. ;)

Seriously though, see how I set you all up for a day of getting through work? I go away for several hours, come back, and you're all still discussing me. :dance:

Jason King has played as well if not better for the first 3 games of this year aswell

Im amazed at how much he's pulled his finger out. It like a new bloke playing that just looks like king.

I cringe when I think what a competent forward could have helped with in previous seasons though.

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