Bad boy does it again

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Journey Man
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He is going to be a ripper. Finally, @BOZO might get that fast attacking centre he's been longing for.
We have not had dynamic and demonic speed in the centres for a while now

I could not take slow much longer .

Speed has finally arrived

Speed is now here

Use it Des Hasler

Give us Manly fans some Speed .

We want to get high from a speedy runaway length of the field try !



Sea Eagle Lach
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and calling someone deluded precious darlings is abuse, lucky it’s behind a screen
Glad to get rid of this hero, I'd like to take the credit but someone beat me to it.
Hey @Budgewoi Eagle I'm sure you were shaking in your boots. Not!

By the way, the mod team that @Dan assembled here has been pretty stable for quite some years now. I note that the Silvertails members alleged by suspended member Franco to be bullied and persecuted are actually still around and posting. And have actually racked up many, many 1000s of posts here. Possibly while we weren't looking.

Anyhow nothing is perfect of course and, as has been pointed out numerous times, not all posts and threads are able to be vetted so its unrealistic to expect total consistency. Plus at times we have different approaches to some issues. Yet the general principles endure, which i take to be bare minimum regulation, preferring members to act in good spirit and good faith while being as cheeky and out there as we might be, yet respectful (like maybe a bit nasty but not really nasty). Basically so no-one has to get heavy handed and we're all just able to share the fun of being a Sea Eagle fan. Obviously credit in particular here to @Dan @Chip and Chase and @Jethro.

And on a side note, as one of the mods most likely to piss people off in recent times (all right, the most likely), I've already told Dan I don't intend to continue beyond a certain time. So there might be a vacancy coming up (or he might just put @globaleagle and @lsz on paid higher duties lol) so who knows, maybe one of you lucky bastards might be invited to help set the tone for the next chapter of Silvertails - so be alert, but not alarmed!


There is no A.I. Just better computers
You've been around for long enough to know the policy of mods is that we don't get into discussions justifying decisions about deleting posts or suspending members. Maybe it was simply a straw/camels back scenario. Nevertheless if you can make a persuasive case why the video you linked is relevant to the Season 2022 covid thread I might take a look at it. Meanwhile I wouldn't stress too much, surely there are many other places online to promote Russel's ideas.
{Thanks for taking the time to reply.}
That is a possibility missing the point. I like being a member on here and enjoy the various threads and most of the characters, even the ones I don't agree with.
When I was, for a second time, not allowed to post in a covid thread I was bemused as to why. I did post a Russell Brand video that never mentioned any opinion on vaccines / no vaccines but in the notification I was told it was for posting anti Vaccine links. My issue is in order to be a functional member of this site and to not break the rules ( that have indeed changed since I signed up, and I have actually read more than once) I am at a loss about why I was restricted. If I am to not be permanently band I think I need to know how I stepped foul of the rules.
The video, in my mind was clearly relevant to where the discussion was at in that thread. YouTube have very strict rules on antivax material and delete all videos on the topic. I don't believe any reasonable person would say it was anti Vax.
Lastly I would like to say that personally your remarks that you "may take a look at it" is not becoming of someone who is helping out and moderate the forum. It comes across as a bit, rude I guess. It is however exactly the type of attitude I hoped the video would point out.
In the end if I am wrong I just need to know why. If the video was flagged in haste or error then so be it.


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As i said to you in my message, when I watched it I considered it was an anti-vax video because it was all about how Djokovic and others who refuse to get vaxxed should be allowed to come to Australia and go and do whatever they want.

As I also said to you in my message, even if it wasn't anti-vax it was definitely inappropriate in that it had nothing to do with the thread, which was Season 2022 covid thread. Nothing to do with NRL season 2022.

As I also said to you in my message, just posting a 14 minute video diatribe by some populist influencer does not add anything to any discussion. Why not post what you thought about it so no-one has to wade through a 14 minute video from Russell Brand?

Lastly, your 'repeat offender' status was set in stone after you posted that absurd thing about how the head of the World Health Organisation has a history as baby killer or some other ridiculous crimes, pardon me for forgetting the details at present.

Look I value a conspiracy theory as much as the next bloke but you are way way past the next bloke.
Here at Silvertails we take the pandemic seriously we don't want anti-vaxers (yes, censorship) and we don't want stupid made up stories designed to discredit the best medical science we have.

As you are clearly desperate to keep posting Russell Brand videos here, I'm sorry but you may have to appeal to Judge Kelly at the Federal Circuit Court, I hear he is in fine form, good luck.


Kim Jong Dan
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no matter how hard we try GIF by Election 2016

I want to introduce the topic of Yowies. Now I am a pretty straight up guy, but I do some pretty wild fishing trips that entail remote areas, bush bashing, ticks and leeches. I don't spook easily in the bush, not at all. I am quite comfortable.

Nevertheless. I have seen and heard and smelled some weird **** out there that I can't explain. I don't want to say that I have seen a yowie, but I reckon I have heard and smelled a few.

I am heading out on a trip next week, it's known for its yowie I may finally see one..

So let's talk about Yowies and their existence rather than all this other contentious ****e
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