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back row debate.

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by double hoops, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. double hoops

    double hoops Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    We have to sign a couple more back rowers don't we?

    I think we are going to small, to short, to placid. Give me Nood in the back row every day of the week. A nuggetie small prop who plays in the back row and punches holes.

    Lui and Horo are big losses for mine. As yet I don't see a replacement.

    On the not resigned list are.
    Tyson Andrews.
    Justin Horo.
    Dunimas Lui.
    James Hasson.
    Willie Mason
    Jordan Latham
    Michael Chee Kam
    Ligi Sao


    Who on the open market is worth a go. Ikahihifo. Docker. Arona might even be the pick.

    We might have to keep Willie and play Lawrence in the back row.?

    World class signings cometh.
  2. Clay

    Clay Well-Known Member

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    You left out Symonds
    And apparently Lemon Brown will be amazing.

    Lussick might shift to back row again?
  3. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

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    11. Feleti Meteo
    12. Tom Symonds
    13. Jamie Buhrer

    14. Lewis Brown
    15. Blake Leary
    16. Addison Demetriou

    are all very quality players, and all play backrow.Two players listed above will miss out, being Blake Leary / Addison Demetriou.

    We then have a large number of props here and/or coming through. They are:-

    08. Brenton Lawrence, Josh Starling, Nate Myles, Darcy Lussick, Liam Knight, Jesse Sene-Lefeo, Luke Burgess & hopefully Willie Mason. Even then, an additional three would have to miss out there.
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    • mozgrame

      mozgrame Well-Known Member

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      Would love to see Addison Demetriou get some regular game time in the top squad next year.
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      • Loobs

        Loobs Scott Fulton’s 5th Cousin Premium Member

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        Why not go Feleti, Buhrer and Myles in the back and target another prop?
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        • manlyfan76

          manlyfan76 Parra Trolls are the best. Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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          Myles has played in the 13 but I'd put him upfront and use Lawrence in the 13 jersey.
        • TagMonster

          TagMonster Well-Known Member

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          We will have a strong back row next year. With the reduction of the interchange to 8 and possibly 6 the following year I can see the return of the 80min back rowers. If we have three back rowers and a hooker that play the full 80mins we can stack the bench with impact props and keep them rotating to stay fresh. I see our forward pack and bench next year looking like:

          8. J. Trbojevic
          9. M. Ballin
          10. N. Miles
          11. L. Brown
          12. F. Mateo
          13. J. Buhrer

          14. W. Mason
          15. D. Lussick
          16. J. Starling
          17. A. Demetriou / T. Symonds / J. Sene-Lefao / B. Lawrence
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          • Brookvale2015

            Brookvale2015 Active Member

            +464 /171
            Just so everybody knows Ballin will not be our hooker next year, I would have him but it sounds like Barret wants api starting 9 and Parcell 14.
            Back row is fine for next season just need some under 20s to make their debuts so we can tell who will be our next superstar forward.


            I'm really pleased how we have recruited in the forwards this year, Bozo has done a fine job. I want to see Jake shift to lock, he has some good skills that need to be exploited into his game. Parcell is a must he can be our fire when the team is out of spark, come on and kill the tired forwards. And api has been let down by his coach this year, he has been thrust from NSW cup to Hooker to Bench to 5/8, the kid is a superstar that needs to build some combos with his team he has been let down by an inconsistent roster that changes everyweek. Top 4 shouldn't be a problem next season if week keep the team together. Lawrence may have had his first grade spot taken by Starling.
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            • double hoops

              double hoops Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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              So we seem to agree one of the props may have to play in the back row. Plenty of options and thoughts on which prop should go back there. More I think of it, I like the suggestion of Turbo1. He did play lock for a bit in the 2's.

              Is it a concern that all our book ends could play back row. I really don't see reducing interchange by 2 making a lot of difference. If any thing it may even make the big props more valuable, the Kasianos, Mose Masoes time on the field becomes more important. Is it yet another reason why we may need to keep a 115 kg Mason?

              I know size isn't every thing. But most of our front row would be about 105 and the genuine back rowers about 95kg.
            • StuBoot

              StuBoot Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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              But isn't he a tryscoring centre now?
            • Loobs

              Loobs Scott Fulton’s 5th Cousin Premium Member

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              I don't really like Mason for next year. Even if the reduced interchange only increases speed etc marginally, it makes a guy like him look a lot worse. He takes a little while to get going and is only going to get slower. I'd like the tall and solid front rower in the Tamou/Bromwich mould. That's what we need. A young Kitey.
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              • Vyssini

                Vyssini Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                +601 /3
                Hi Trent, welcome aboard. I hear the Barrack Point sale went well for you.
                Anyway, good luck for next year.
              • Fluffy

                Fluffy Well-Known Member

                +5,615 /203
                Tolman and Graham, Scott, Matalino and Lillyman, Woods are also this size, all go pretty good.

                Jake will put on a few kegs each year at his age, Lussick was about 102 when he cracked first grade and now is 110, Jake will be pretty close to this over the next year or 2 (106 now). He was about 110 but has since stripped weight.

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