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Back Flip

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by conanu, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. conanu

    conanu Well-Known Member

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    I just want to put on the record that i have done a back flip regarding Zorba. I did call him a fat sook and I reckon I was wrong it may have been one of those brain farts from time to time and i went off half cocked because i was so upset.

    The reason for this back flip is after i heard the interview on MMM with Ray Warren. When pressed about if he would go to the Dogs he said mate there is no way I could work for another club. That reverberated in my soul i was very happy to hear that. However i was a critic of his Media Managment skills and still believe it probably was right to move him sideways i dont think for one second it was right the way the idiots on the board (Whoever they are) treated him and to a lesser extent our club.

    Like him or not Zorba is probably the one guy at the moment that could save this club from falling apart as the Players love him as do most of the rest of the club and past players. I do believe he is the right kind of guy to represent the clubs best interests on the board. So if he is up for it I would back him. He may be a dinosaur but you cant but respect a bloke that gets as upset or cut about a club and sometimes lets his real emotions out and says the wrong thing. (Reminds me of me) Sorry Zorb

    Des on the other hand I still cant forgive for going to the Dogs although i understand a little bit more he could have asked us to oust the board next year and we wouldnt be in this trouble.

  2. dceagle

    dceagle Active Member

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    Zorba , is a true clubman .

    Regardless of your opinions on the bloke , he is a Manly man to the core . It's times like these we need all the true Manly people on board. ( or should that be on the board ) .

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