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Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by WESTIE, Jan 22, 2012.


    WESTIE Well-Known Member

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    Just curious as to what AWAY GAMES people try and get out to , or regularly attend ? Are there away games in Sydney, that you refuse to go to ? Admittedely i do not travel to any away games outside of Sydney, but do have some away games i do look up on the draw and make plans to get to.

    As far as getting to games -
    - roosters or most SFS games = will almost always go - due to facilities at the ground /seating
    - panthers due to proximity and also ability to make a day /night of it due to the amount of restaurants and the club/parking nearby.
    - souths at homebush - tend to go - again ability to get a decent seat - decision dependant on timeslot/weather
    - tigers game- depending on weather and timeslot mostly - leichardt is great on a sundat affternoon - even with the shyte fight getting out with your car

    As far as the rest are concerned -
    - kogarah - try and avoid as the majority of fans there are imbos
    - cronulla - hard getting a decent spot to watch the game from
    - parra - good luck getting a seat anywhere closer to the half way
    than between the try line and 20m line, and there fans tend to think its a life or death game - generally heaps of pi$$ heads abusing anything in maroon - last game there was jamie's return ( had to go )
    - beirut bombers - havent been to one of there home games since a Friday night game at lebmore - thinking of going this year for obvious reasons
  2. manlyforever08

    manlyforever08 Active Member

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    I personally only started attending away games last year. Before that it was only Brookie.. but now that I'm getting older and I made some great footy friends that love footy in general and are happy to come to Manly games even though they are fans of all different teams, I got to so many new grounds last year - AusGrid, Suncorp, Bluetongue, Wollongong..

    I really want to get to at least one interstate Manly game this season. I'm planning to head to Brisbane rd10 :)
  3. Mark from Brisbane

    Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

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    Suggest you become a member of the MWTS, just e-mail me.

    Also suggest you "like" our Facebook page, just look for Manly Warringah Travelling Supporters. I handle the ourside of Sydney games, Bob (Vidmar) Stevenson handles the Sydney games.

    We also have a special area on Silvertails.

    It will open up a whole new world of enjoyment for you.
  4. Brookie4eva

    Brookie4eva Well-Known Member

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    Kogarah - So so True.
    Cronulla - Disagree with you, it's always a fun night down in The Shire. Join the crowd on South Brookvale Hilll in the corner.
    Parra - Hate the place. But always fun to chat to Parra Jesus (maybe it was him who convinced Hoppa to sign :D :D).

    Could be messy this year for the last one you mention.

    The absolute worst ground in the comp has to be Blue Tongue, I hate that ground so much.
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    • WESTIE

      WESTIE Well-Known Member

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      Thanks for the tip Mark, I’m aware of Vid and the MWTS crew, great fans...... call me a dinosaur, but I refuse to start a facebook account...I know I’m in the minority , but I think facebook is all a bit too wankey ...got nothing against people who do use it....my attitude is probably due mostly to the many knobs at work and their constant jibber about it, namely their " virtual " friends - lol.

      Reason for my post was curiosity if people attend away games due to convenience/proximity, tradition rivalries ( ie - teams they hate ) or purely on their ability to get to a particular game based on circumstances that weekend etc.
      Brookie4eva - went to endevour field / ronson oval / caltex field / shark park etc , for the trial there a couple of years ago i think , when it pi$$ed down with rain...got wet sitting in the stands - lol....might have to reconsider now beacuse the fans that did go to the regular season game did look like they were having fun on the TV....i suppose winning also helps make it a better experience. : ))
    • Clay

      Clay Well-Known Member

      +1,532 /66
      Your not the only one westie I feel the same about FB as you do.

      I attened the newcastle Away Game becuase its ONLY a 3 hour drive and can stay with friends for free. Will be doing the same for the Gosford game this year but its a longer drive 4 hours.
    • WESTIE

      WESTIE Well-Known Member

      +504 /15
      Full respect for guys like you Clay , that can get to any games with that sort of distance to travel
    • Mals

      Mals Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      Why the hate for Bluetongue?!? The link with Norths?

      Manly's won plenty of games there over the years. One of the best footy grounds in Sydney in my opinion & sell the decent Bluetongue beer instead of rubbish like VB.
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      • bones

        bones Bones Knows

        +9,037 /102

        Did they relocate Bluetongue? :p

        I am going to try and attend every home, and every away game again this year. Have done it twice (1987 and 2011) in my life and Manly won the premiership both times.
      • mozgrame

        mozgrame Well-Known Member

        +5,134 /51
        How anyone can drink that slimy green labled **** is beyond me. The number one most putrid beer on the market, bar none! Also agree on Bluetongue. Named after the bloke that came up with the idea of that liquid filth.
      • eagles2win

        eagles2win Well-Known Member

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        Because i live in brisvegas always look forward to the Titans game on the Goldie. Unfortunately the last couple have been held on a Monday.

        Why the Tits you ask the sound of the MWTS is astounding but also the legion make plenty of noise for the tits.

        Bronco games are like a library
      • wombatgc

        wombatgc Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

        +4,512 /73
        If the Eels decide to have a crack this year I will be down their to watch that in June. If I'm down in Sydney I do prefer the Manly V Sydney teams (south's, roosters,Parra, sharks), but that's more to do with nostalgia than anything else.
      • Brookie4eva

        Brookie4eva Well-Known Member

        +213 /2
        That ground just doesn't cope with large crowds, the hassles involved in getting to the bar, the toilet, the food counter is horrendous.
      • jabroni

        jabroni Member

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        St George games, cronulla, homebush and sfs games due to proximity (live in the st George area). Since my fiances parents moved from st Clair to the northern beaches, the panthers game has disappeared from the list.
      • Cameron

        Cameron Cambo

        +669 /35
        I love going to shark park that place is great for a manly supporter. I remember in 2010 going in for a leak at half time and it was like a morgue because manly had racked up a big score before half time. Funny as
      • Wolfpack

        Wolfpack Well-Known Member

        +310 /0
        There's a large group of us that get to all of the NSW games & of course the MWTS always has sizable groups travelling all around the country (& globe!) for interstate/internationals.

        Cronulla is the best Sydney metro trip for me, not a great view at the ground but always great atmosphere & the Sharks fans are more than happy to try & outsing us which is great. Penrith isn't bad as well, though it is a bit of a hike to get all the way out west. Love all the games at the SFS, no matter who we're playing, best football ground in Sydney. Newcastle is hard to get to, but a very nice ground & I generally enjoy myself up there.

        Parra is utter ****e, poor ground & a pain to get to compared to the others. Parra supporters are generally a bunch of dead****s to boot & their pre-recorded chants played through the loud speakers are just sad. Bluetounge is rubbish also, massive pain in the ass to get out there & then after all your effort you find yourself in Gosford - it's mental torture.

        ANZ is another bollocks ground to travel to, annoying to get to on PT, no-where good to drink at Olympic Park & a very average ground to watch football at.
      • vidmar

        vidmar Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

        +278 /0
        I get to pretty much all the away games - usually on the supporters bus for the Metro games or with the MWTS group for interstate.

        There are several people that I travel with regularly and I know others who do the same – in some cases these people met at games and the friendship developed from there.

        As well as watching the game, for me, the planning, travel to and from the game and pre/post game activities such as catching up with friends for the craic makes it a lot of fun and I've met some great people over the years as a result.

        I also combine some trips with a weekend away with the family (‘specially Gold Coast, Townsville, Brisbane and Melbourne) and it’s a good way to spend time with the kids, have a break, see a bit of the country and get away for a while whilst also supporting the boys.

        I know several who live out of town who now car share or travel together on public transport to the away games and meet us at the ground or at a pre-arranged local watering hole (I usually post details in the MWTS forum on here for each away game to keep people updated and to let them know where the main group will be).

        If people are interested in doing that always worth posting a note on here or on the MWTS facebook page (eg "I live in Canberra, looking to share travel and costs to Brookie on a regular basis" or "I live in Fairfield, does anyone want a lift and share petrol to the Newcastle game" etc) or contact me directly via PM and I'm happy to do what I can to help people get to games?

        Of course, getting your details on the MWTS mailing list will keep you updated on the “bigger trip” details – also a good way to get to games with others if you do not have friends or family to travel with?

        Re the games themselves – best local game, agree Shark Park is my favourite. We get a good sized group there, have a long rivalry with the Sharks including a long long losing streak until recently (so magic when we win!), The Sharkies bar is close to the ground so easy to meet up with those making their own way there, the supporters bus is normally packed with like minded souls and we show the CSSC how to really support a team (the corner we meet in is very close to the action and you can have a chat with the players who love the support they get!) so the atmosphere in the ground is great.

        Interstate/Overseas – Of course NZ is a good one and from being there on my own a few years ago, to meeting up with the Groggo's the next year which made 4 of us (plus a couple we met from Dee why when we were in the ground) we had around 50 at Easter when we were last there so that is really taking off. (But of course really looking forward to the WCC in the UK) – albeit the numbers that can get to Auckland compared with the other games is less.

        Pre match at the Robina Tavern for the Titans game has a pub full of Manly fans and the ground is good at the Gold Coast as is Suncorp and the Caxton pre/post game - we do get a big turn out of Manly fans and many travel interstate.

        Also always good to catch up with the QLD MWTS crew who turn out in force and are up for a good time and are very loud and vocal in their support (Glad to see some of them on the WCC tour!!)

        The stewards at Suncorp can be a bit overbearing and bay 317 is not the best view and can be a cauldron if the game is on during the day as you are in direct sunlight - but still a great place to visit and watch footy regardless and 317 is the best place to be if Manly are playing.

        Melbourne is now becoming a bit of a regular trip but as it is not really a league town there isn't the same feel as say Brisbane when we are in town – but I do like Melbourne as a city as there is a lot to do and it is easy to get around

        Locally, Penrith is a good trip, always been welcomed and have a good time in Newcastle but not so much at Parra and not a big fan of Homebush as it is a bit sterile and doesn’t hold the atmosphere well.

        I've noticed the Dragons fans are becoming a little more "antsy" towards us and I know a few had problems at both Kogarah and the Gong but I've never had any major issue (again, helps if you are with a largish group such as the MWTS)

        Never had problems with Doggie fans (in fact the complete opposite) but will be interesting to see what happens this season.

        The most intimidating games from my view are when the Storm visit Brookie - the atmosphere at the ground is electric and you can really feel the crowd are up for us to beat them and beat them well (Guess Gifty and Darcy were feeling a bit of that as well?)

        If I had to pick 1 game locally and 1 interstate I’d say Sharks and Broncos as “must do” for away trips.
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        • manlysister

          manlysister Member

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          Depends alot on the timelsot. Fridays & Mondays are a little difficult. I normally would go to SFS & ANZ & if we ever get there again Canberra
        • Mybludog

          Mybludog Active Member

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          We've been travelling down from Newcastle the last 5 or 6 years.

          2 hr 10 min to Brookie or the SFS. Penriths a bit longer but not much. Parkings no real drama at any of those.

          Shark Park or Parra are great but we go on the bus. Just to easy. Usually stay at the TL for the night.

          Haven't been to Kogarah, Win or Canberra but have been to all the rest.

          Agree with Vid, always have a great time in Melbourne. 2010 game there on a Monday night was terrific especially considering the events that unfolded a few days later.
          Townsville, Brisvegas and Goldie are always fun and we usually take a few extra days and have a look around the country.
          The ground at Townsville is crap but the pre/post game get togthers are great......there's just something about sitting around the pool/bar with a great group of people having a "just a few" beers..........special

          We're not in Bone's class but only missed 4 games last year and we've made some lifelong friends along the way
        • Manly To Win!

          Manly To Win! Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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          I go to all Sydney away games during the day, but it's harder on Monday and Friday nights - it's nearly impossible for me to get to places like Kograh, Penrith, Parramatta and Cronulla on a Monday and Friday night. When I can though, I do.

          If it's anything but a Friday or Monday night, again, I always go to Newcastle and WIN. Same would apply to Canberra (haven't been there yet thanks to the NRL).

          Recently I have started trying to attend 1 interstate match per year - last year I went to Melbourne, this year I am trying to organise to go to NZ.

          Worst stadiums are ANZ and WIN, closely followed by Parramatta which has good facilities, but the big screen is not visible in certain parts of the ground and the scoreboard is far too small. Newcastle has good facilities, but the stadium is a bit inaccessible - the parking sucks, the train station is too far away and it can be quite difficult actually making your way to the front of the stadium.

          Best is Brookvale - Penrith, Cronulla, AAMI, SFS and Kograh are also pretty good.
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