The end of an era for this great cricket team started in the Uk and will be complete in the next 12 months.

I just hope that they stick together long enough to spank the pommies arses next season and extract revenge for the last ashes series.

I have heard the McGrath may have played his last test because his wifes cancer is very serious this time.
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Yeah we will have to go through a bit of rebuilding but I have no doubt we will stay at the top of the world, simply because our junior development and our state cricket produces far better players than any other country.

Tait will replace McGrath, who when you look at it, was becoming less effective. Our batting will recover too, I'm not concerned at all.

Ricky is probably just trying to get better odds for the test matches!!
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The Aussies have won 18 out of the last 19 one days series.

The Saffies are out for blood and we have a team full of new bowlers in a cauldron half the size of Aussie Cricket grounds.

Give em a break. If you have played cricket you know how easy it is to put in a bad one.
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still 93 is embarrasing

Sack martyn now, clarke to 3, hussey to 4 and kato to 5.

Jaques to open of coarse - need to get him settled in his rightful position for the world cup
Yeah... i agree that martyn has to go...

Put katich down the order and jacques to open... i take it you mean out clarke into 3 because ponting is out.. so that would mean just bump them down the order 1 possie when he gets back but then you got symmo coming back in!!

Drop Katich for symmo?


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Sack Martyn yes, Watson is the number 4, followed by Symonds, Clarke and Hussey.

the reason being Watson cannot go in and hack, he is more a technical bat, whereas the 3 mentioned above are born improvisors, and can score quickly from the outset.


sack Kattich-FFS it's a one-day game and he comes in and pussy foots around in the first 15 actually all the time- get rid of him...he was very lucky he got that hundred before going to SA otherwise he might already be gone.
He is so frustrating to watch and I don't buy into the arguement that you need someone to stabilise the innings- you want someone to do that just use Hussey!
My team is

The Hustler
Bracks / Kasper (but they didn't take Kasper)
Lewis / McGrath (if he returns)

SS: Hoggy


I think the best thing to happen for the Aussie cicket team will be if they sack the selectors and get some people there that know what the fcuk they're on about.
Trevor Hohns and Merv Hughes are laughable.
How Mitchell Johnson got to go on tour is fcuking beyond me!
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yes i meant with no punter and no roy

No way should mick lewis be there ahead of dizzy, dizzy is going ok in reggies and about the same age - if lewis was 5 years younger then maybe.

Tait is getting back to form but like an early lee very wayward - still get him the experience now as he will partner binga in a few years.

PS nutz clark is the bowler, clarke the batsman.
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haha this is Gold, CW will spill his Bonox when he reads this thread :)
On the contrary Dear Byso. I would sack Martyn immediately and Katich too.

Just because I am protecting them as a whole doesn't mean I am stupid when it comes to selections. The only four people in Australia who would pick Martyn are the selectors and his wife!!!! :roll:


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The only four people in Australia who would pick Martyn are the selectors and his wife!!!! :roll:

Yeah I know his mum and she reckons hes sh!t too :drunk: :drunk:

and I think he's single anyway

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