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I got an IT query for you , Ive got a problem with my home Pc as in it looks like a have a Virus the Start Menu (Xp sp2) keeps popping up on its own , I have checked using 3 diff virus scan progs , and it either crashes while scanning , or finds nothing , Any ideas whether u think its a Virus or a Bug in Xp , would apprecaite your input , thanks Mate


Kim Jong Dan
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Are you connected to the internet at the time?

IT shouldnt do that on its own unless there is some kind of virus or someone remote controlling your system.

My advice. Download Avast antivirus and sygate personal firewall.

Disconnect from the net completely and install both of those. Reboot and Avast will scan your computer of start up and do a memory test, this will make sure you catch anything before it loads and causes it to crash.

If it finds nothing, install sygate and run that, it will tell you if anyone is trying to login to your system.

Also go to Start >> Run >> CMD
and type ntestat -a

This willtell you all the ports listening and any connections to your PC


Kim Jong Dan
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Tipping Comp 2021
no worries champ.

I hate it when stuff like that happens.

My laptop has a number of viruses, everything tries to connect to the internet whenever i login, so i just block it from going out
Journey Man
Hopium had a very similar problem.

My IT mate said that it was most likely being used as a "netbot" - hence our bandwith was being tied up with uploads from this virus. Fixed it the same way - now going to format and clear it all.

Zap is that firewall free or just a trial??
Journey Man

At the old place we used a linux firewall on our server computer - great way to stay virus free is linux.


Kim Jong Dan
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Tipping Comp 2021
absolutely it will filter most things out. But they still get through.

I am setting up a better environment at home at the moment which includes a hardware firewall as well as a linux box.

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