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Attention Ryan; re Jay Hemming parra 20's

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Darren, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. Darren

    Darren Well-Known Member

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    Attention Ryan; re Jay Hemming parra 20's

    hi mate, haven't got a membership on mse so only can reply here:

    jay was a sensation at matts but didnt show as much from then on, he reminded me of a beaver type player, 2nd rower

    we have loads of prospects in our back row so shouldn't be a concern

    look at for junior palau: with a full offseason he could be anything, big as willie mason and quick, destroyed some teams in later part of season in flegg, recovered from knee operation but looks the goods

    big wraps on keebra park front rower kenny edwards as well
  2. Matabele

    Matabele Well-Known Member

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    Attention Ryan; re Jay Hemming parra 20's

    are these all in our ranks now?
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    Attention Ryan; re Jay Hemming parra 20's

    Heming couldn't even make it onto Parra's Flegg bench for the grand final so he is just making up the numbers.

    Darren - last year someone said that we have a half back in Matts from the central coast who played a lot like a junior version of joey John's. Do you know his name or if he is still with the club?
  4. Matabele

    Matabele Well-Known Member

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    Attention Ryan; re Jay Hemming parra 20's

    as long as he doesn't snort like Joey. I'm told the Bulldogs may find out why we let go what we'd groomed.
  5. Darren

    Darren Well-Known Member

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    Attention Ryan; re Jay Hemming parra 20's

    hi all, yep, palau and edwards are in our ranks!!! loads of talent coming thru

    tookey, the kid was mentioned by me!! his name is malcolm parry, played matts but just a quality player who knew his way around the paddock, a man near me said that he was wanted by most nrl teams but he came to us, lives on central coast, was a gun soccer player but switched to league 3 years ago, was way ahead of his age in all games i saw him play, won't run 100 metres and score but can pass and kick great, him and 5/8 jason annear are 2 to watch for
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    Attention Ryan; re Jay Hemming parra 20's

    Thanks Darren. I notice that both players are in S G Ball this year. I must get down to see some junior games this year as I also want to see Willmiam Hopaate play Matts because he has huge wraps on him.
  7. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

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    Attention Ryan; re Jay Hemming parra 20's

    It's dissapointing how thorough team like those slimey Eels are with their juniors compared to us. This is how the two clubs listed their under 20's squads on their official websites:-

    (A Parra fan came up to me and aksed where all our guys came from etc to see how many local juniors we had, and he showed me his website (official Parra one), then I showed him Manly's, and he asked, "Is that ALL you get?".

    Oh well. He also posts for free over at their site.

    Sea Eagles Toyota Cup Squad for 2008
    Matt Beger
    Zac Bowles
    Jamie Buhrer
    Daly Cherry-Evans
    Kenny Edwards
    Kieran Foran
    Ben Gilbert
    John Grey
    Matt Grieve
    Lincoln Gutherson
    Matt Hastie
    Matt Hurd
    Darrell Jang
    Jai Jones-Wiegold
    Jake Lingard
    Darcy Lussick
    Tim McDonald
    Brooke Nickson
    Pat North
    Bodie O’Connell
    Mark Page
    Santana Palmer
    Bryan Perry
    Illija Radan
    Trent Reilly
    Inoke Tapaatoutai
    Michael Tiopira
    Ben Uptin
    Cameron Warwick
    Todd Wilson
    Rhys Wolloghan
    Cameron Woo

    Parramatta National Youth Cup Squad Player Name:

    Mitchell Allgood
    Date of Birth: 27/4/1989
    Birthplace: Sydney
    Junior Club: Brothers Penrith
    Position: Front Row / Second Row
    Height: 193cm Weight: 100kg
    Rep Honours: Penrith SG Ball 2007
    Previous Clubs: Penrith Panthers

    Player Name: Kene Te Whata
    Date of Birth: 03/04/1989
    Birthplace: Rawene, New Zealand
    Junior Club: Northland Storm
    Position: Front Row
    Height: 182cm Weight: 125kg

    Player Name: Nathan Campbell
    Date of Birth: 29/4/1988
    Birthplace: Sydney
    Junior Club: Greystanes
    Position: Five Eight
    Height: 180cm Weight: 81kg

    Player Name: Domenic Nasso
    Date of Birth: 17/7/1989
    Birthplace: Blacktown, Sydney
    Junior Club: Hills Bulls
    Position: Fullback
    Height: 179cm Weight: 82.5kg
    Rep Honours: NSW CCC 2006 and 2007, Parramatta SG Ball 2006, and 2007, Parramatta Harold Matthews 2005

    Player Name: Jay Heming
    Date of Birth: 22/1/1988
    Birthplace: Liverpool, NSW
    Junior Club: The Entrance Tigers
    Position: Second Row
    Height: 189cm Weight: 94.1kg
    Rep Honours: NSW U17s
    Previous Clubs: Manly Sea Eagles
    Personal note: Currently doing a Horticulture Apprenticeship

    Player Name: Martin Lewis
    Date of Birth: 25/3/1988
    Birthplace: Inverell
    Junior Club: Inverell Hawks
    Position: Lock / Second Row
    Height: Weight:
    Rep Honours: Junior Kangaroos, NSW U19s/18s, Australian Schoolboys
    Previous Clubs:
    Personal note: Currently Studying Business/Commerce at the University of Western Sydney

    Player Name: Luke Motinelli
    Date of Birth: 29/2/1988
    Birthplace: Sydney
    Junior Club: Greystanes Devils
    Position: Hooker
    Height: 170cm Weight: 68kg
    Rep Honours: Parramatta Harold Matthews and Parramatta SG Ball
    Personal note: Currently doing a Carpentry Apprenticeship

    Player Name: Tim Robinson
    Date of Birth: 10/3/1988
    Birthplace: 10/3/1988
    Junior Club: Winston Hills
    Position: Second Row / Lock / Prop
    Height: 189cm Weight: 105kg
    Rep Honours: Australian Schoolboys 2006
    Personal note: Currently doing a Personal Training Course

    Player Name: Trent Hodkinson
    Date of Birth: 31/08/1988
    Birthplace: Campbelltown
    Junior Club: Cabramatta
    Position: Halfback
    Height: 180cm Weight: 84kg
    Rep Honours: Junior Kangaroos
    Personal note: Currently doing a Fire Sprinklers Apprenticeship

    Player Name: Ben McLennan
    Date of Birth: 29/03/1989
    Birthplace: Grafton
    Junior Club: Grafton Ghosts
    Position: Centre / Wing
    Height: 188cm Weight: 91.2kg
    Rep Honours: Northern Rivers
    Personal note: Is a Qualified Carpenter

    Player Name: Justin Hunt
    Date of Birth: 20/9/1988
    Birthplace: Tweed Heads
    Junior Club: Currumbin Tugun Seahawks
    Position: Half Back / Five Eighth
    Height: 184cm Weight: 77.3kg
    Rep Honours: Southern Kookaburra's U19's
    Personal note: Currently working in the club industry

    Player Name: David Baumann
    Date of Birth: 26/2/1988
    Birthplace: North Shore Hospital, Sydney
    Junior Club: North Sydney Brothers
    Position: Second Row / Lock
    Height: 187cm Weight: 99.5kg
    Rep Honours: Queensland U19's, NSW Country U18's/

    Player Name: Taulima Tautai
    Date of Birth: 3/4/1988
    Birthplace: Liverpool, NSW
    Junior Club: Edensor Park Cobras
    Position: Centre
    Height: 190cm Weight: 105kg
    Rep Honours: NSW U19's

    Player Name: Tony Williams
    Date of Birth: 12/12/1988
    Birthplace: Canterbury
    Junior Club: Cabramatta
    Position: Second Row / Centre
    Height: 192cm Weight: 110kg
    Rep Honours: NSW U19's - 2006, and 2007, Junior Kangaroos 2007

    Player Name: Tim Mannah
    Date of Birth: 15/2/1988
    Birthplace: Sydney
    Junior Club: Guildford Owls
    Position: Front Row
    Height: 184cm Weight: 107kg
    Rep Honours: Australian Schoolboys 2006, NSW U19's 2007, Junior Kangaroos 2007
    Personal note: Currently studying a Bachelor Degree in Sports Business at the Australian College of Physical Education

    Player Name: Anthony Mitchell
    Date of Birth: 27/5/1989
    Birthplace: Brisbane
    Junior Club: Brothers Townsville
    Position: Hooker
    Height: Weight: 85.7kg
    Rep Honours: QLD U19's, Junior Kangaroos 2007, QLD Schoolboys 2006

    Player Name: Fareni Moefaauo
    Date of Birth: 20/1/1988
    Birthplace: Samoa
    Junior Club: Cabramatta
    Position: Wing
    Height: 186cm Weight: 94.4kg

    Player Name: Taniela Lasalo
    Date of Birth: 23/9/1989
    Birthplace: Westmead
    Junior Club: Wentworthville
    Position: Centre / Wing
    Height: 190cm Weight: 98.1kg
    Rep Honours: Parramatta Harold Matthews, and Parramatta SG Ball
    Previous Clubs: Fairfield Pats

    Player Name: Jonathan Mannah
    Date of Birth: 13/9/1988
    Birthplace: Canterbury
    Junior Club: Guildford Leagues
    Position: Second Row / Front Row
    Height: 188cm Weight: 105kg
    Rep Honours: NSW CIS, Australian Schoolboys

    Player Name: Shaun Cox
    Date of Birth: 2/7/1989
    Birthplace: Guyra
    Junior Club: Guyra Super Spuds
    Position: Centre / Wing
    Height: 177cm Weight: 76.4kg
    Rep Honours: NSW CHS U15's, Northern Division U18's, Parramatta SG Ball

    Player Name: Owen Lauofo
    Date of Birth: 22/5/1989
    Birthplace: Westmead
    Junior Club: Wentworthville
    Position: Centre / Wing
    Height: 174cm Weight: 80kg
    Rep Honours: Parramatta SG Ball and Harold Matthews
    Previous Clubs: Fairfield Pat

    Player Name: Taputoa Rea
    Date of Birth: 15/9/1988
    Birthplace: Cairns, QLD
    Junior Club: Cairns Kangaroos
    Position: Fullback / Centre
    Height: 195cm Weight: 98.1kg
  8. Darren

    Darren Well-Known Member

    +560 /20
    Attention Ryan; re Jay Hemming parra 20's

    Hi Ryan, you haven't been to the past few years trials against parra at cabramatta then u see the difference in professionalism between parra juniors and ours.

    it's pathetic on our part, parra rock up in full gear, have a program of EVERY player number etc

    Manly turn up in old jumpers, players in norths, jets anyone socks, program, ahhh sorry, its frigging embarassing, you sit there and watch 3 junior games, parra score and commentator goes try to parra number 3 joe jones etc, manly score, nothing as don't know players

    you go gee that kid is good 4 manly but no idea who he is, I won't be driving an hour to sit there like a fool watching players I have no idea who they are,

    the funny thing is our club official said they are still trialling etc, how come parra are always done with their teams, we usually get smashed in the junior games so parra cannot be thinking of taking our players

    looking thru our toyota cup 2008 team it looks pretty weak, there is some talent so that will be good to watch
  9. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

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    Attention Ryan; re Jay Hemming parra 20's

    It would be great if at LEAST the players positions were known, so we can see who is being groomed into our next 1/2 back for example.

    The club (Manly) need to realise, this group of players are going to be playing prior to EVERY game we play, so they are players that will attract fans to the grounds, and will potentially add to gate taking.

    It's embarrassing that come round one, we can all sit there against The Sharks, and hear about this or that player from Cronulla, but in reply say, well, we have read their names once, dunno what position, dunno where they are from, dunno where they are going.

    Our club needs to present professionally. Perception is everything. That's why that tool Holmes-a-court made all his Souths players wear top line suits.

    Manly present as though we are running out to play backyard footy in the mud (I was appaulled at the red stickers coverring up QLD Group for HOW many weeks last year). FFS, make 17 jerseys, and make them BEFORE gametime. You can just imagine other fans commenting on how cheap that looked !!!

    Compare that to the Bronco's swish gear, with the shammie for the sweat etc.


    That's why I'd like to see a professional front for this club. Perception. Make the juniors know they are going in to a structured, well catered for, historic, professional joint that will take care of them. What would a parent feel if some guy turns up to your propose say Manly's value add versus say a Parra's (the slime) value add for their kids.

    We pay to use Manly's website now....I'd like to see its info as up to date, nay, better, than others in the competition.
  10. Nutzcraw

    Nutzcraw Active Member

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    Attention Ryan; re Jay Hemming parra 20's

    IS this Toyota Cup being televised anywhere??

    I'd love to watch it.
  11. Nutzcraw

    Nutzcraw Active Member

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    Attention Ryan; re Jay Hemming parra 20's

    I know RL is a professional game these days. But, personally I love the way Manly goes about it. It reminds me still of the good old days.

    My mates and I have been to brookie twice and we head to suncorp any weekend we feel like it. Every one of them say they'd rather watch footy at Manly.

    Suncorp is too corporate and creates no real football atmosphere... the atmosphere you get at suncorp is that of a bunch of pricks jammed into a stadium. The atmosphere you get at brookie is that of a local footy game... it's brilliant.

    I don't care how the boys look as long as they are maroon and white and are winning.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    Attention Ryan; re Jay Hemming parra 20's

    Manly have always treated their juniors badly. Even years ago when they had plenty of money the only grade that it was spent on was firsts.

    Hence the tag that manly always trys to buy a premiership instead of developing their own juniors.

    We wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Delmage and Penn as we wouldn't have the money to buy a competative first grade team.
  13. Matabele

    Matabele Well-Known Member

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    Attention Ryan; re Jay Hemming parra 20's

    Fact is most of the juniors on the Northern Beaches are playing Union. So we have little choice than to poach from other systems - why do you think we have Crusher?

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