Ashton Simms



Reported in today's SMH that Sims wants put of St george.

I reckon that he would be a good player and that manly should look at signing him for next year.
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A lot of potential but seems to have gone off the rails a bit the last year or so.

Would be a good pickup, although i dont see us getting both he and Perry
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Burns is gone kiwi.

Rumors were he was asking for around 200,000. Don't know if it was offered but we should have some money. Maybe just choose between one of them.

I'd take sims over perry though.
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Yeah i would say we could get one, but dont know about the 2nd. If we got them i would assume that Hall and Rose would be heading away

Just thinking about it Kite and King starting with Perry, Sims, Bryant on the bench would be up there with the best. Probably a bit unrealistic though, i presume the club will be looking for a back of some sort as cover, although we do have some decent backs in PL that could be solid at NRL level
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He doesn't want out. He's been booted out.

Nathan Brown has given him his marching orders. Looking for a club to sign with now. I really think Burn's money should be used as some bait for Sim's. Let hall, Rose and Dunley go and we should be able to pick up a bench that looks like

14. Halden
15. Sims
16. Perry
17. Bryant
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Agree Ryan, I would rather Eastwood than Sims. I wanted Sims a couple of years ago but have not seen him do anything lately. I rated him highly, I must have listened to the media hype over him.

I guess if we dont go after him Des must think some of the reserve graders will step up. I wont be upset if we dont go after him tbh.
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Yes. Eastwood would be my pick. I guess a fair bit hinges on the dual factors of Beavers retirement/continuence and wether Des sees Halfasanga or wells moving on up.
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He'd be an absolute GUN buy, and with Brisbane having:-


all already in the backrow, he may get limited opportunity.

Brisbane have also bought Clinton / Wallace, plus are upgrading or have upgraded Hodges (big time), Michaels, Moon & Boyd & Civeneceva they'd HAVE to be running very close.
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