Ashley Alberts on the Mend

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It was good to chat with Ashley Alberts at the Fan Day at Narrabeen last Tuesday. He came across as a shy and unassuming, yet friendly character who was somewhat uncomfortable with too much attention.

He said that he had enjoyed the move to the Northern Beaches, though he did miss the quietness of QLD. His fitness is improving and he has just started contact drills in training in the past week. The doctors are very happy with his recuperation and is hoping to be available for selection in the next month. His comment is that he is enjoying being part of the Manly club and can't wait to get onto the field again.

I am sure all Manly fans wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to him joining the on-field ranks as soon as possible!
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The more pressure we have to get into the starting side the better.

I hope he lives up to crushers thoughts
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Same here, sure hope Crusher is right about him!!!

I remember hearing Bennett was going to play him in the centres last season but injury put a stop to it. If Wayne was going to use him he must have some talent.
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Does anyone know where he's living. If he likes it quiet the club should have organised somewhere at Oxford Falls, Terrey Hills or Ingleside for him.

CW, what was he looking like physically? I haven't seen him. Is he a big bloke or built for speed?
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Stuey, I believe he is living at narrabeen somewhere. He is not a small guy probably just over 6 foot tall and a solid build. I saw him at the Season launch and he struck him as a very impressive young guy.
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SDS, What Wheel said is accurate. He is average build and height and looking a lot fitter than the photos at the touch footy day.

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