Ashes Series to be Fascinating

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I am looking forward to a good contest in the upcoming Ashes series. Hoping we flog them actually. It will be good to get to see it free to air, even if it is on SBS.
If your looking forward to a good contest CW, find another series, Poms will get bent over as usual.

they will be lucky to win a test. they just do not have the bowlers to get us out twice, their batting is strong but unproven against Australia. Their bowling is basically woeful. when their openers make no dents in the top order they will be history

3 - 0, possibly 4.
Don't under-rate their attack Fro.

The unknown factor is the Harmlessone,I have seen him bowl some fiery spells in the last 18 months,the question mark is if he can do that v Aussie
Hoggard is superb in English condition. He has bowled 1 of the best swing bowling spells i have ever seen live a few years back.
Flintoff is a good stock bowler to keep the ball in 1 spot,and can get some steep awkward bounce.
I have been impressed with Jones every time i have seen him too,and Giles has improved 100% in the last year.

I am not saying the Poms will get up and win,but it ain't a bad attack IMO
warne usually carves em up in england - magilla even more so, but not sure if he will get a run
MacGill wont play the tests, Warne will go well on his last tour over there. Gillespie is my tip to shine this series.

Sorry Kiwi, just cant rate their bowlers at all, Harmlessone cant keep it on a pitch, Flintoff bowls 2 lengths, and as for Ashley Giles......... Fair Dinkum if he is the best spinner in the country I'll stand stuffed.

I do agree Hoggard is a good bowler but he is definately the exception.

their Batting on the other hand is a lot more formidable. Trescothick has to improve against Aus. Strauss is a class act. Vaughan will feel the pressure of captaincy. Butcher is a wildcard against us. Thorpe is honest but wont do much. Bell may do well, havent seen much of him but he is keeping Petersen out. And Flintoff is a flat track bully who will be lucky to score more than 200 for the series.

The ODI series could be a completely different story, they may test us there.
i wouldnt be suprised if they still get bent over but at least our guys will start to play some good cricket

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