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There are some very knowledgable fans on this website.

Here's a challenge: If you were Raper and playing Manly this weekend, what would be your game plan?

1. Kick towards Hoppa's side and try and turn him around and get down to slow him down coming back.

2. Target Stephenson and Donald using Dykes to Vagana!

3. Two hit-ups and then hit the edge of the rucks, one or two players wide where Manly have been vulnerable.

4. Play good field position and bomb towards Hoppa's side.

5. Use the chip kick to slow up the advance of Manly's forward power game in defence.

6. Use Peachey as the extra man off Dykes out wide, especially aiming to draw in Hoppa and Stephenson.

7. Use Sullivan out of dummy half and look for second phase play and offloads at the line. Target the centres - especially with the pace men!

8. Up quickly in defence - to slow down Kite and Kennedy. Watch the offloads from Kennedy and look for intercepts.

There's a few - any other suggestions?????


Kim Jong Dan
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Tipping Comp 2021
Bombing toward Hoppa is going to do no good, he is good under the high ball
hes good? maybe 5 years ago.. dropped a few easy ones last year!

Thats sad that you came up with so many as it is!

Quick play the balls. We cant cope with them. They have us running back caught off side etc..


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Comp 2021
hoppa is still solid under the high ball. i dont remember him dropping many at all
Winging it
CW, he can try what he likes but if we tackle in the middle of the park like we did last week his options are going to be very limited. I believe we will dominate in the forwards and limit any fringe of the rucks attacks, so long as Blue-arse and Chad don't rush up out of the line. This will put pressure on Dykes and Bird and will see them attempt kicks to the centres and wing. Hill and Steppa were reading the play beautifully and protected the wings, the defense sliding neatly across to snuff out the fast men. I have been wrong many times before but I see Manly winning this one comfortably.
Journey Man
Big hits on BK and BK2.

Kite went quite for a while after getting smashed.

Good kicking game.

Hope we self destruct

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