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Arko the peacemaker

MANLY powerbroker Ken Arthurson was called in yesterday to prevent a potentially damaging rift between millionaire Sea Eagles owner Max Delmege and club officials.

Arthurson, who flew in from his home on the Gold Coast, chaired a meeting between Delmege, executive director Paul Cummings and coach Des Hasler in a bid to clear the air between the parties.

The Manly Daily understands there has been tension between Delmege and Cummings over the running of the club.

Hasler is also concerned Delmege is interfering in player retention and recruitment, especially in the wake of the recent Michael Monaghan signing saga.

Monaghan signed a new three-year deal in June after Delmege demanded club officials offer the Manly skipper a new contract.

Yesterday's meeting was instigated by Hasler, who is concerned Delmege has too much input at the club.

The get-together at the Manly League Club lasted an hour, with former ARL boss Arthurson describing talks as ``very amicable''.

``Everything was fine . . . it was just a matter of clarifying everyone's position and role at the club,'' Arthurson explained.

``At the end of the day it was a very amicable meeting and everyone is pulling in the same direction.

``Any rumours of dissension are a total fabrication.''

Delmege, who has tipped in $8million over the past four years to keep the Sea Eagles afloat, denied he had fallen out with Cummings and Hasler.

``There is nothing sinister in it. It was just a normal meeting,'' he insisted.

``Everything is as sweet as a nut.

``It's never been a monetary thing with me - my heart is in this club 100 per cent.''

Both Cummings and Hasler declined to comment but are said to be happy with the outcome of yesterday's meeting.

Meanwhile, Manly amazingly jumped a place despite going down 26-24 to North Queensland in a controversial clash at Brookvale Oval on Sunday.

Thanks to a a weekend of upset results which saw the three bottom teams all register wins, the Sea Eagles leapfrogged Cronulla into seven spot.

With five rounds remaining Manly need at least another two wins to make the play-offs for the first time since 1998.

The peninsula side hosts top-of-the-table Brisbane at Brookvale Oval next Sunday.

Daily Telegraph

Manly also embroiled themselves in controversy yesterday when coach Des Hasler instigated a high-powered meeting to prevent majority owner Max Delmege from interfering in football operations.

Hasler was concerned that Delmege had nosed in on recent football issues such as John Hopoate's possible comeback and the re-signing of Michael Monaghan.
very difficult for des and do you tell a bloke who injects a lot of cash to butt out.especially difficult when you are a fledgling coach with no real clout or runs on the board as yet and plenty of other things on your plate.

no one really thinks max gives them all a call and says" im going to tell the press this or call so and so about this" and "what do you think about it lads".


if that happened we wouldnt be in the papers every week.and as this is obviously happening how can it be fixed unless he makes a concious decision to really leave things to the people employed to do the job.if he doesnt like it then he should attempt to have the board removed at a general meeting.

for those who are quick to jump on management what is your solution to him becoming unilaterally involved.there isnt one unless he stops doing it himself.simple as that.


Premium Member
Max, or at least his proxy sits on the board of the Football Club so to a point he has some rights to make comments. Wether those comments are meritorous or not is dubious. But his right to make them cannot be doubted.

With a new CEO in place for the past month or so it is dissapoiting to me that he has not shown the strong leadership that is required to run Manly.

For reasons that are to numerous to mention here Manly has always been a club with opposing factions. Our success has come with a strong leader (aka Ken Arthurson) The leadership strength of Pat Wilson has yet to be shown and is not showing in this current drama.

(waiting for Matabele to comment on how this drama was caused by his favourite club official, I am sure some how it is, I just need Matabele to advise how it is linked)

ps: apologies for not making the effort to find your group on Sunday. At the end of the game I was gutted and my eagle angel was close to tears and just wanted to leave.

Canteen Worker

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It is important to make the distinction between a board and management.

The board makes policy decisions - ethos, finance, big picture matters, marketing but management is employed by the club to recruit, employ players, and implement the decisions of the board. Those on the board have their say in the boardroom meetings but should butt out when it comes to the fine detail and the weekly selection of teams, who we sign, our retention programme etc.

In the end it is like being a voter - the board can get rid of a coach but once he is chosen he should be left alone, with other paid employees, to do the job they have been paid to do.

(If this story is true?) For someone like Max to think he has something to offer to Hasler, Toovey, Cleal and Co is ludicrous.

I have said it before: Coaches coach, managers manage, Recruiters recruit and sponsors sponsor.
a director or his proxy should not make unilateral comments to the press or make unilateral contact with players to be recruited or their managers without consent or at least discussion with other members of the that in the real world and you last 5 minutes on any board.


Journey Man
Well said sue and CW. A board member really should only have input on policy issues - at an appropriate meeting.

It is completely innapropriate for a Board member to meddle in the day to day management of affairs of an entity.

I speak from experience of being in executive management and also being on a board of directors.

If I were to wear my "board hat" and meddle with the management of the entity I'd be told where to get off. Simple as that.


Premium Member
Max is excersing his power/influence/or just playing with his toys. He has again this morning been interviewed on 2KY and has reiterated that he will continue to make comments.

As I said before, strong leadership is required and it is not forthcoming. At the moment the factions within this club are widening and and until the CEO steps in & pulls it all together these comments from board members will continue and further destabilse this organisation.


Except could you guys, if you happened to own Manly not meddle at all. I don't think I could butt out.


Premium Member
Except could you guys, if you happened to own Manly not meddle at all. I don't think I could butt out.

Neither could I. The thought of playing (for me) with the ultimate big boys toy, your own NRL team would be to big a temptation for me. I am not saying it is right, just that I would want to keep playing with my little investment.


Reserve Grader
i agree it must be difficult not to get involved,i would love nothing more than have security escort monas of the training paddock for the last time........

Canteen Worker

First Grader
[quote author=ads]
Except could you guys, if you happened to own Manly not meddle at all. I don't think I could butt out.

Neither could I. The thought of playing (for me) with the ultimate big boys toy, your own NRL team would be to big a temptation for me. I am not saying it is right, just that I would want to keep playing with my little investment.

[/quote]Fair comment boys. The NFL shows the problems that can arise between coaching staff and team owners. I don't want to go there. Our model is deliberately different and so hopefully the roles are clearly defined.

Max needs to be media savvy as the Telegraph is taking us for a ride at the moment. If the club is saying nothing (as I have been reassured) then someone is saying lots! His name is being quoted a lot at the moment.

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