Are you a Walker?

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First Grader
Gilly has been in the spotlight again this time giving it to McMillan for not walking.

McMillan "Not everyone is f---ing walking, Gilly. Not everyone has to walk, mate,"

Does walking put presure on umpires?

Does walking put presure on the team?

Should you be expected to walk if you're fighting for a possition in the team?

Have you ever walked?

Have you been sledged for not walking when you knew you were out?


First Grader
I personally never walked.....I always knew I would sooner or later get done with a bad decision. Which happens.

I think it puts presure on your team as a wicket can change a game, so you don't give it away.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
My cricket career is past but generally I used to walk. Didn't once and scored my one and only ton!!!!! I was a fast bowler and was never too thrilled when you took a wicket and it wasn't given. Most of the cricket I played was without official umpires and so you never got LBWs or the little snicks.


First Grader
only in the privacy of my own home................................oh sorry you said "WALKER" :)

The Wheel
Premium Member
Very funny Fro :lol:

I never walked because I copped my fair share of good/bad decisions. The only time I did walk was when I snicked a ball to 2nd slip and I looked up at the old umpire was giving me not out - I was too embarrased to stay out there.


First Grader
Yeah I dont mind people not walking as long as they dont complain when they get a rough one.

Having said that I do think Gilly should pull his head in a bit and get off the high horse


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
look it wasnt me, it wasnt out, that was all pad my bat wasnt even close. You are kidding umpire, for **** sake, where did you get your umpire license???

You know there an OPSM just down the road, your as blind as fat as the keeper here.

Now bowler get your 10 wheatbix eating arse up there and chuck us another before i put this bat to good use, friggin clowns

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
If I know I have hit it I walk,that is my teams policy as well to take pressure off the umps because we umpire our own matches.

Played a game last year and the opposition thought I had edged one but I didn't know so I stayed there,was on about 30 off 30 balls at the time. They sledged me a bit and that fires me up and I ended with 74 off 43 balls.

1 guy thought he was very quick and I put him back over his head for 6,I knew next ball would be a bouncer so I hooked that for 6 as well,next ball went for 4 and my teammates yelled out "This guy is your bitch" and his own team even laughed at him


2 Thursdays ago i was playing A grade school cricket against saint gregs put this decent edge through to the keeper and they appealed and the umpire said not out but id already started walking.

If you know your out take a hike but i spose its a matter of opinion and it can turn matches and put your team under extra pressure.

Is all this media attention really needed? Just a bit of a blow up in my opinion


Journey Man
Is all this media attention really needed? Just a bit of a blow up in my opinion
Good point. There's not much else to report at the moment so you have dozens of journalists sitting around the gin bottle looking for something to write about.

This "controversy" is about the only thing happening at the moment!

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Mata would just stand there and have a conversation with the umpire and bowler. At the end no-one would know what was going on so the game would just continue. (Maybe they could discuss whether the ball was actually there??) :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :roll: :roll: :roll: :wink:


I generally walked if I knew I was out, but often I had no idea what I was doing with the bat, let alone actually directing it near the ball to get an edge-Mind you I havent walked whilst playing against some teams that are full of wankers. And loving it when you get sledged.


Its gone on for days now in the papers. Spose ive only been reading the telegraph but on the first test's dissmal performance i doubt there is much to report on, as mata has stated.

Interesting point today..playing cricket this arvo and the batsmen blocks a ball which stops dead on his feet. He picks it up and throws it to the keeper. I was fielding at square leg next to the umpire and after the next ball i said jokingly, "I was about to appeal the batsmen handling the ball. He said you should of mate, we would have had no choice but to give him out.

Even at Year 12 cricket level these umpires took it pretty seriously. Shouldnt of bothered appealing as we got rolled for 85 :x

What do you think about ball handling?


its simple, if theres an official umpire, you dont walk, if there is no umpire or batting team mate umpiring, i think its good manners to walk.


We had a bloke in our comp who didn't walk when the umpire (a Teammate) gave him out LBW. He stood there having a whinge, and then next time we played them he had the hide to ask one of my teammates why he didn't walk for a caught behind.


I never walk, because I know generally I am going to cop a bad decision later on, it makes up for it. One week I scored 60 odd and was caught behind at about 10, given not out and I didn't walk, and boy did I cop it with sledging, but the next game and got given out caught behind when I missed the ball by a mile by the same umpire, it always pans out, or ussually.

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