UFO Hunter
How bad is he going.

Bulldogs are getting away with 2nd tackles and murder in the play the ball and we get pinged for ****.

If he doesn't start reffing fair then this game is gone.


UFO Hunter
Well, he has dead set gifted them 18 points worth of field position. Disgraceful display of reffing.


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Archer's a ****ing twat. Even if we held onto the ball he still would have reffed us out of the game. No idea how nobody was sin binned for the professional fouls when we had the momentum.


Winging it
Just back from the game. Yep, that was one incredibly woeful reffing performance. If it is not bad enough that no-one gets binned for those types of professional fouls then we have them get a five minute breather before we attack again. The boys on the hill were howling let me tell you - it was getting ugly.

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I love him giving general warnings and then not binning anyone while they have a rest.

Whilst the penalty count might have been close (I don't know the final figure) when they were given and where was vital to the outcome. Both sides were not being reffed to the same standard.


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It was 9-8 in our favour, however I agree with what CW said above. Although the better side won.


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Archer told Orford he'd warned him about our players before the match... as if we had been extremely undisciplined all year and we needed to be kept in line. No wonder he was ****, he came in with pre-determined penalties ready to use.


I was listening on the radio and yelling at the bloody thing "send the ****tard off" ... The blokes on the radio were bewildered as to why one of the dogscum weren't sent off in that second half.


Journey Man
At least we lost the penriff game, this time we never had a chance to lose it. Worst effort since the guy who sent beaver off to the bin when he was captain against parra in 04, guess who it was that night?

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