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Apples With Apples?

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by spantrav, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. spantrav

    spantrav Member

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    Are we poo yet?

    I'm not completely convinced that we are and would like to redeem myself from last weeks negative post/thread.

    We lost tonight. I think we fought back and copped a little bit of the usual ref/NRL bias. Are the tigpies any good? Maybe they are. Maybe they aren't wooden spoon candidates . . . More importantly maybe we aren't either.

    Are we better then last week or just playing a worse team???

    I cast minds that can stand it back to early rounds last year. On a scale of poo - are we heading for 4 points after 10 rounds with byes an absolute relief??? (Assuming my maths is right)

    Round 1 - lost to Doesn'tmatta 42 - 12
    Yep remember this one, they carried on like they'd just won their first premiership in decades. Don't know if we were all as critical (including myself) at the same time last year as last week.

    Round 2 - beat the scum 24-22.
    Was away for this game - prob half the reason why we won. Watched the replay - geez.

    Round 3 - Scumdogs beat us at Brookie. Plenty of typical bias and cheating but we are all attuned to that.

    Round 4 - Dragoooons beat us at the Taj Mahal. 12 - 4.
    The worst game of the season.

    Round 5 - Canberra beat us in Albury.
    This was bad - really bad. The new worst game of the season.

    Round 6 - Penrith flog us away 22 - 12a. Honestly - wtf.

    Round 7 - the scumdogs again.
    Only manly could cop this filth twice in 7 weeks.

    Round 8 - beat the storm again - on Anzac Day. There has to be something in that.

    Round 9 - we finally come good - We flog drug castle 30 - 10.

    Round 10 - the chocolate soldiers cheat at Brookie with a field goal "win" - 10 - 11.

    Byes and Origin weeks follow and we all know the history.

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