Apologies:- My whinge for the day


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Sorry lads / ladettes - need some venting time. 2 points:-

1. My Dog is getting put down today @ 2. Hence to say I am utterly crushed at the moment. Been in the family 10 years !! She was a great dog. Rottweiller. I wish I could think of something else !!!

2.I took my son "trick or treating" last night for the 1st time up my street. He was soooo excited it was ridiculous. He got in his Superman outfit (with swimming goggles???), and we took off. One lady was offended that a three year old was asking for lollies, and scoffed at Ethan. Other people hid when we arrived to alleviate having to talk to somebody. Some people just sat there in front of us, not answerring the door. FFS, where is community spirit in today's age. I was FUMING !! My poor little boy was forlorne, and asked to go home after about 20 houses (15 knock backs)...

For this reason, I would have to say I now agree with some about the attitude of the masses on the Nth Beaches. 20 houses as an average isn't much of a generalisation.

Time to move to the country methinks !


What a time I'm having at the moment !!


You wont get much luck out here either Ryan.
My father always told me Halloween is a form of begging.
Do we really need to take up another Yank past time.
Thank goodness i didnt have anyone knock n my door. I would have answered and politely tell them that i dont have any lollies to give.
Im a bit indifferent on this one. I can understand the childrens excitement , but lets face it , it has been promoted by Confectionary companies. Then when someone as good as yourself , gets the children all dressed up to go out , comes knocking on my door asking for sweats, how bad do i feel that i dont have anything to give. Do i then go out and buy lollies and run the risk of no-one showing up.
If it was wide spread and popular , id have no dramas , but it isnt .

But i do feel for your little guy, people dont need to be rude about it.
Next year Ryan , if you want to do it again , go round first and tee a few places up, even if you have to provide the lollies yourself. You boy wont know and will have a good night out.

ON the business about your dog , I can empathise with you mate. I lost my dog to a truck a few weeks back , and after sustaining ear infections we had to get our 5 year old Bull Mastiff/ Boxer put down about 6 months ago. All i could do was hand her over to the vet. I couldnt even go inside. People say they are only dogs. These people have never owned a dog before.


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Sorry about the dog, love Rotties. One of my favourite dogs!!!! hopefully get either a Rotti or a Boxer down the track.

as for Halloween, too bad for your young fella but we are in Australia not the US. I would have been annoyed if kids came around to my door for it and dragged my lazy arse of the lounge.


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Sorry about your dog, she was a beauty.

I had kids come over.....I quickly opened the door and yelled "WHAT DO YOU WANT!" They crapped themselves :) One time I heard the parent out the front pissing themselves.

We gave them plenty of lollies though.

Its a BS thing, but Let the kids have some fun. In our area the kids got heaps of lollies from what I could see.

Next time don't allow Ethan to produce a YART prior to saying hello next year ;)

Canteen Worker

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Sorry about the pooch Ryan.

However I am not into Halloween at all - it is an American custom that is only cynically exploited over here by the lolly companies in a crass attempt to generate more sales. I hate it as we are not the 51st State (yet!)


I'm not into halloween either.. for above mentioned reasons.... but we keep a bag of lollies incase someone comes over.

Sorry, to hear about the dog mate.

If it makes you feel any better the missus split up with me on saturday and she has a new boyfriend already. (2 days later) so chances are she was cheating on me.

ahaha mole.


Journey Man
Ryan - put yourself in others shoes with the US halloween crap - try doing your thesis write up with only a week to go with people knocking at your door every few minutes for hours. An easy way to not let down your son is to not partake in it to start with and explian to him truthfully that its just a stupid yank tradition that should not be engaged in this country

Sorry about the dog, one of the problems with pets but you got to love having them around.

Next time you might want to get a Parrot - they can outlive you. Im up to 4 now


Yeah Fluff.
I got 4 Indian Ringnecks and 1 Rainbow Lorikeet.
If anyone wants a bird with attitude . get a Rainbow Lorikeet.
The Ringnecks can live up to +30 years.


Journey Man
Cheers guys.

Yeah with Halloween, Jas (my wife) and I buy heaps of lollies. We love seeing the kids faces light up when they see the full bowl. But your right guys - prolly just a lolly scam...but that said, the kids DO love it, and done right, can open up communication in a community. You know though, if Jas and I don't have money, we give dollar coins...the kids are just pumped at that !!!

Shani was put down @ 2pm today. My wife understandably is in tears, and I admit, I was close myself. My brother-in-law had to take her to the vet, as we couldn't handle it.

Earl dude - you have had some pretty bad luck with the dogs you've had. 5 years old is still a puppy. THAT would have crushed me as well. Shani had a good long (kinda) life.

Nutz - DUDE !!! That is just wrong mate. I'd call her names, but it's prolly a little innapropriate, but that sux dude. I bet you feel like beating the hell out of the bloke. I know I would.

I can't believe you blokes have actually made me feel a bit better !!! Hehehehe

Cheers lads.


Nah mate.. no real hard feelings towards him hey.... just dissappointed in myself for being so dumb!!

I'd be surprised if he even knew she was with me.. that's how much of a bitch she was.. hahah oh well live and learn


Winging it
Really sorry about your dog Ryan. Was a beauty.

I have softened on my stance with Halloween. Originally I thought 'not another peice of yank crap' but really it all comes down to giving kids a bit of joy. For me there will never be enough laughter for kids and if that is something they want to do then I am happy to hand over some sweets. Saddest thing this year was we had the usual basket full of chocs and no one showed up. First time in about 5 years.


Im warming too guys. Id love to take my little 4 year old out . She would love it, its just that Dad may not have the patience with [people as Ryan has shown. Like i said , if it was wide spread , and the abusive ones were the minority , Id love to partake in it .


Journey Man
Halloween is a bull **** American nonsense. Good on the folks of Ryan's street for treating it with the contempt it deserves.

Sad to hear about the dog though Rhino.


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RE: Halloween.

Firstly, from what I've read (at Wikipedia, for example), the whole trick or treating stuff originated in Ireland. As Australians we see it as coming from the US, but they stole it from Europe :)

As a kid, I used to love trick or treating. As was mentioned earlier, my parents and the friends of my parents had teed up with their friends previously, letting them know that we were coming. I promise you, I had no idea (and only found out a few years back).

As I got older, I used to crack the ****s with kids knocking. Not so much the little kids, it's the teenagers that I detest. Anyway, I have a different perspective now that I'm living in Canada. It is huge here (and so I can see why, in comparison, we would think it's a North American tradition). I'm still a little cold at the door, but Amy loves it. We took Ella around to the various family members last night dressed as a bear and just watching the kids running around was really cool. Here, most places have a "Halloween curfew" and so *most* of the trick or treating is done by about 7 or 8.

I'm sure I'll get into it a bit more as time goes on, mainly because here it is a big thing and naturally it's not seen as some American tradition trying to change our way of life.

I'm even starting to be a little more forgiving on the teens... not the guys mind you :) Last night I answered the door to three lovely pirates. I know they must have been because as I closed the door Amy said something along the lines of: "Grinning ear to ear and red as... I bet they were cute!".

Ahh... nothing like a cold country for a woman's complexion :)


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Well guys - I bought a pup on the weekend. Wife's thinking it's a little too soon, but helped me get over things.

English Staffi. We called him "Jet"

He's awesome. Dead set looks like a little piglet scamperring around !


I was reading in one of the Sydney papers on the weekend about how much it costs to get pups around Sydney these days....dog breeding sounds like a fairly profitable business!


$660 for an English staffy is pretty good. Would love to see pics Ryan if ya can.
pj, around Sydney everything is dearer. I bought a Golden Retriever from leeton for $400 and took it to my mum in Sydney because she would have to pay $600 plus.
My wife and i are hobby breeders. We did breed Boxers until Reggie died , but we have a bitch pup , so we will continue with her. We sell them for $450 each. (no papers). We will also have hand-raised Indian Ringneck parrakeets next year and for the Nutcases like myself , I will have baby tarantulas to sell in a little while.
Breeding can be profitable but also a pain in the arse.

Saw a $3000 bulldog for sale in Sydney , but all bulldogs have to have ceasarians , so that bumps up the price.


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Well guys - I bought a pup on the weekend. Wife's thinking it's a little too soon, but helped me get over things.

English Staffi. We called him \"Jet\"

He's awesome. Dead set looks like a little piglet scamperring around !

my sister in law and husband have a english staffi, also with the name Jet.

great dogs, not too bright though. will be dumb and dumber with you 2 :p


Journey Man
[quote author=Ryan]
Well guys - I bought a pup on the weekend. Wife's thinking it's a little too soon, but helped me get over things.

English Staffi. We called him \"Jet\"

He's awesome. Dead set looks like a little piglet scamperring around !

my sister in law and husband have a english staffi, also with the name Jet.

great dogs, not too bright though. will be dumb and dumber with you 2 :p


And we'd both still be able to teach you how to use capital letters. You could join the team as DumbEST. ;)

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