Anyone Who thinks Monaghan should be our half ...

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Tonight was the clear answer. Our firth tackle options were disgraceful. We looked dangerous but missed the short kicking game of Orford. Ballin was good at hooker.
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I thought he was going alright until Hamster started to enjoy the taste of his whistle.
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Jeez CW. I thought he played wonderfully in the 1st 1/2....pass to Robertson for example.

But one game doesn't make a season.

I actually thought Hicks had one of his poorer games. Where was Halden? Where was Wells in attack. The dudes suppose to have played Lock / 5/8 most of his short career?
I actually like the way Wells is slotting himself in.
He makes his tackles & doesn't drop the ball.

Poor old Cuthbo tried to come in & set the world on fire but wasn't ready for it & got hammered by people who didn't understand his play, on some sites like, ummm, silvertails.
Maybe Wells has learnt his lesson & is going to keep himself quiet & reliable until he finds his feet. Give the young blokes a go.
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Cuthbo in my opinion was a lethal weapon when he came back on. Congratulations to him.

While the team looked flat, he seemed faster and more energetic.
Halden never got a run either. Why does Des think that Ballin needs backup ?
He doesn't pick Ballin if Ox & Monas are both there.
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Haver to admit, it's very rare to see a successful Manly charge down. I actually think Des might coach against it.

Ballin's effort then tells me he's willing to think outside the square.

In regards to the lethargy of everyone though, that grass was a disgrace. No wonder there were no would be like falling on a sheek persian rug.
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The field did seem shaggy from whee I sat. Duff you are right with Wells. I think he's got a good future, big, strong and doesn't do anything wrong, yet. Mona's had a poor game, kicking to non existing wingers, field goal attempt, no direction for the team etc. Was it the game to lose? Were they all thinking of the game next week? What happened to the second half?the imponderables of a league team.
you cant compare tonight.. he had no ball.. and no field position.. wasnt his best game but he hasnt played there in ages...

monaghan is the type of player that needs a proper 5/8.. hes not a dominant half like Orford. Orfords **** with a proper 5/8

hard to say that about Monas today.
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In Monas' defense, it's a bit bloody hard to shine when you have no ball. How was he supposed to engineer a repeat set when every kick was from inside his own half?

Don't forget that an ordinary vegetable stacker nabbed MOTM playing behind a pack camped inside our red zone.
yeah while Monaghs short kicking game on last tackle isnt a a patch on the OX, he could not do much else last night with our poor field position etc, Must remember he has not played half for a while and never with Beaver at 5/8 .
people here actually think Monas should be No.7 ahead of Orford? Really? I know there has been support for Monas as a player, but not to be Manly's regular #7.
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Just thought i would throw a reply in here , cause the end of world must be Nigh ......... Mata Defending Monas 8| 8| :D


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I thought the ground was awfully cold today
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Not defending him. Just pointing out that there's not much point in criticising the performance of a half back when he doesn't see the opposition half thanks to long grass and an inept referee.

Plus it would have been too bloddy obvious for me to arrive to skite about Williams' MOTM performance wouldn't it? ;)
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