Anyone want to write the round preview for this week?


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Please let me know and I will put it up in the round previews section


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Volley tommorrow is perfect.

Cheers mate. I just dont have time at the moment


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I started writing this and may actually finish it, if not feel free to use whatever you want of the following.

Round 16 Preview:

It has been a number of weeks since I have knocked together one of these and I apologise, work commitments, illness and lack of enthusiasm have all had a hand in this.

Well once again I am on limited time but thought I would try to type this for you between doing other things.
I have had a fairly shocking week in my own personal tipping as well as the normal 5 correct over the past 2 weeks.
The season is now finally starting to take shape and the same teams are showing as dominant and all are starting to cluster in positions that shouldn’t change much over the last 10 weeks of competition.

The Broncos and Manly have been close to the top all season and remain there whilst others like the Raiders are starting to make a move down the ladder as the Eels have risen and are proving themselves a genuine contender this year

Game 1: Rooster vs Eels

It seems difficult to say but after being the powerhouse of the competition for the last 5 or so years the Roosters are really struggling this year and are floundering around the lower half of the 8. They have been crying foul over referee decisions and other matters but they are just excuses. For mine if you lose a game its hard to say the ref lost it for you, you simply have not capitalised on your opportunities, and that is the story of the Roosters this season. They have been playing some good football but just not able to finish off teams.

After a very shaky start to the season the Eels are now on fire winning their last 5 matches and really starting to shape as genuine contender with outstanding attacking abilities and a pinpoint accurate kicking game which has many teams worrying about how to defend against it.

The Roosters will be keen to turn around their recent form and make a strong approach to the finals where as the Eels will be looking to maintain their spot in equal second on the ladder. It is a tough one now doubt and I have the suspicion the Roosters will get up in this one but just can not question the Eels form of late.

Daniel’s Tip: Eels

Game 2: Raiders vs Cowboys

What has happened to the Raiders? They started out as “The team to beat� and were in first position in round 6, they have since lost 5 games in a row, plummeting them to just outside the 8. Raiders fans will be salivating at the prospect of Smith returning in the near future as it seems the team is much more effective and a much more quality side when he is running around in the halves. I wonder if it is too late for them to rescue their season however?

The Cowboys are still missing a few of their players but this year they are a formidable foe. When they are running hot they are untouchable, wracking up massive score lines against most teams in the comp, however when they are off their game they can be easy pickings for some sides. I just don’t fell however that the Raiders will have the power to put one over on them and the Cowboys should get home fairly comfortably.

Daniel’s Tip: Cowboys

Game 3: Panthers vs Knights

Everytime I look at the Panthers playing roster I have to scratch my head, I just don’t get how they can have the players they have and still be sitting in the position they are and having such a woeful season. I just feel that they are lacking fitness which is preventing them from finishing off teams in the second half.
This week without Lewis and Rooney the team will be tested against the Knights who showed glimmers of ability against the Eagles.

The Knights were at times looking strong and looked asthough they might win the game on attacking ability, however all it took was a 15 minute period for Manly to bust them apart. If they can concentrate for the full 80 and put some early points on then they are a chance in this game, but only a small one.

Daniel’s Tip: Panthers

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