Anyone going to the members BBQ 3rd August?


I live in Canberra & am unable to go as my 4th bambino is due on the 29th July - the other 3 have been late!
I sent an email last week to the Eagles to see if I could take my boys on an earlier date to get some autographs. I haven't heard back from them & my trip to Sydney finished today. Great PR - NOT!
I was wondering if anyone from here was going whether you could get a couple of autographs for my 2 eldest boys?

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I don't think I am able to get there on a Thursday night. Pity as I went last year and it was an okay evening. My youngest still treasures the pictures with BK, Brett Stewart and Beaver.

If you can't get anyone I am prepared to send you a fully autographed poster of the team I picked up earlier in the year.


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I have registered for going and current intentions is to be there.
Like you, I emailed the club 2 weeks ago and sent a follow up on Tuesday inquiring about what merchandise might be available to buy and then have signed. I have requests for two flags to be signed for two boys who are recent converts to the Eagles, one based in Melbourne. Hopefully they will let me know so I can either buy them there or beforehand from the club.
PM me what you had in mind and if at all possible I will help.

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My advice MB is to buy whatever you want prior to the night as last year they didn't have anything on sale on the night. Take your own permanent marker too!


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Drae still loves his flag by the way MB. cheers again


I was at the Narrabeen HQ on Wednesday morning & their stocks were pretty low of quite a few items! They said that they were hopefully going to get more in soon......
I had 2 disappointed boys who didn't get to see any players & the items they wanted were out of stock! Maybe next time....


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They have some stock at the club as well i believe - i know too late now.

I cannot make these events as i finish work too late to get there in time.

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