Anyone going to Leichhardt?

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I could be risking a lot in thinking of going to the footy on my wedding anniversary but I am hoping to go to Leichhardt this Sunday. Anyone else going?
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I am keen although not sure of my movements on the weekend yet.
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Live hey, it says we start at 3pm and Newcastle kick off at 2.30pm. generally the 2.30pm game is live on Fox.

If it is live on fox I wont go but if it isnt live I will go.
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I have just been back to and it doesn't make it very clear. Radio says a dual call and whilst it says Fox Live it also has TBC.

Probably Garts is right in that it is a delayed game with the Newcastle game on live.
Arrr one of those weekends were i really love channel 9.... being in queensland i get the knights v broncs game at 2:30 on foxtel .. then low and behold we get it again at 4:00

We don't get to see either of the other 2 games... gotta love it!!

Shall be listening on the radio i guess
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If I don't have a stack of work to do, I'll try and get out to the game. We should all try and sit in the one section like the SCG on Sunday. Of course we probably won't get that much out there, but we'd be louder as one then as many split all over the ground.
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FOX has
Newc v Bisb 2:30pm
Tigers v Manly 6pm
Cron v St G/Ill 7:30pm

2GB are doing a dual call. Hadley at our game and Andrew Moore at Shark Park. It'll depend how the games are going as to how much airtime they give to each one but they'll start with ours.

Due to the parking nightmare at Leichardt and the prospect of a packed hill, the missus and I are going to catch the football club bus to the game for the first time and sit in the grandstand.


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I'll be there.

My son tried to buy tickets for the grandstand today but they were sold out. Presume there will be a large crowd.

Not a bad field to watch the game but facilites and access and parking are back to the dark ages.
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I'll be at Leichhardt Oval on Sunday afternoon with 18,000 other people.

Itinerary :

12.00 - 2.30pm - Orange Grove Hotel
2.40 - 5.00pm - Leichhardt Oval
5.10 - late - Orange Grove Hotel
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I am going too and will take about 20 young kids. Go you Eagles.

I need to exorcise the memories of the Friday night game there last year.

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