Any news?

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Just wondering whether there has been any news on player signings? Nothing over the last probably 2 and a half weeks has been murmured, maybe the club is really trying to keep things under wraps.

I just want to know something about Rose? Other prop depth? Robertson?(is he actually signed, both him and Orford aren't on front page.) Whow ill be our wings next year? 5/8? if not hooker?

I'm sure it will all sought itself out, but a lot of talent in these areas is quickly disappearing.
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I heard from a very unlikely source that Manly nearly agreed to terms with Knights winger Trent Skalked (sic?) earlier this week.

However, we must have been trumped by the Knights as they announced his re-signing for a further two years on Thursday.

All that to say, we must be active on the market, thought flying under the radar fairly well.
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the club probably wont make any further official announcements till seasons end as not to destabilise the team.but rose,robertson seem to have signed.of course ,orford and bell.
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Lol @ destabilizing the team. I'm so glad management were conscious of this!

Our hooker's leaving (against his will,) our half back's disgruntled, our winger has been dropped for having his head elsewhere, our five eight, after being assured that he's in our plans for next year, was dropped to reserve grade and replaced by the worlds biggest five eight who also happens to be playing out of position and also happens to be leaving next year.

What a steady influence for a finals bound team. So yes, you're right, I hope they don't destabilize the team.


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lol that has top be one of the worst calls ever! "destabilizing" thats the kind of gold you get only with a lack of real IQ
Was looking for cricket score on tv teletext earlier today and is an item about Sideshow saying he will probably be at Sharks next year or go to England and hook up with Gold Coast in 2007 - looks like the mail saying he was coming to Manly has gone to the dead letter box
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Apparantly Sean Long ( UK ) maybe joining the Rabbitohs. I rate him ! Is there any chance we can trade him from Monnas ?
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