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Any concerns about the Manly 2020 squad ?

manly al

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May 17, 2017
Probably would come with an increased price tag now which would have some limitations but a focused Hastings probably would be quite handy to have as a bench 9 or utility right now . Maybe there was a well founded reason for letting Parcell go but got the impression that he still had something more to offer the Manly top line up if he was persevered with for a bit longer and with a more injury free run . All academic now of course and ironically Hastings was bought in as a replacement for Parcell . if there is most likely a hole to fill with Manase not available for next season just have to have some confidence that come season's start in 2020 that there will be a couple of competitive players to still get the job done there sufficiently .


Grizzly old fart
Aug 6, 2012
I don't recall them not being good enough. Is there a little rewriting of history here. Joey Lussick, an Australian school boy, left after playing one first grade match for Manly ( he scored a try that day), and gained a contract with Salford, mainly because Api was obviously Barrett's hooker choice.

Parcell also suffered the Barrett-Api love affair, but was considered on this forum superior ro Api. He left, joined Leeds and won the ESL premiership. He has scored a remarkable 33 tries in 84 games in the ESL, which I doubt is bettered by any hookers of late. Forum members also pointed out his distribution skills were superior to Api. Mind you Api improved under Hasler.

As for Hastings, I don't think his skill was ever questioned, and its easily forgotten that he was also an accurate goal kicker. It was his problems with others that brought him undone, not his skills on the field. We could have used his skills last year, and as stated he and Lussick dragged Salford from potentially second division to the ESL Grand Final this year. They only avoided relegation because Hastings joined them for the knockout games that saw Toronto just miss out in 2018.

So as far as skill is concerned at least two of these guys are somewhat better than average first graders

double hoops

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Aug 27, 2013
Cust is better than average. Croker is Des's love child. And ZDC has actually played hooker before. Settle.
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