Another week, and we are still on TOP.


Winging it
Onya boys. No losses and we have lead the whole comp for three weeks out of four - the last two straight. How good is that?!


It's great.

I haven't seen our team as fit as they are for a very long time. The warriors just couldn't go with us in the end.

Very defensive game and our fitness proved superior in the end (amongst other reasons)

Jatz Crackers

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Yeah, Id like to know what was done differently this last off season to previous years.

I mean, we hear similar rhetoric every year about training the house down, strength & conditioning coaching, leaner fitter faster etc etc.................but there is a marked difference this year and its demonstable on the field.


Jatz, this could sound dumb.. but maybe it's just belief.

Maybe this year they actually believe they can do it.... they seem to be alot more patient and have confidence in themselves and each other. It's good to see and i hope it keeps up.

Jatz Crackers

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Jatz, this could sound dumb.. but maybe it's just belief.

I wouldnt discount that at all Nutz, good point. Maybe the same belief system is ingraining itself into the supporters aswell. I know i have a lot more confidence in the players. And the coaching too ! Now where is that thumbs up emoticon when you need it ?


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It's the first time we've got four in a row since my addled brain can remember. I'm still not totally convinced with the attack, but I'm sure that will come. Great to be on eight points though.


great to see us winning 4 in a row!

defence has been winning us games at the moment. we havent yet fully opened up the big guns we have in the backline, and they are just feeding off scraps at the moment. when ox is back and we can give the some quality service, we'll really be flying!

the match against the bros was a warmup for next week against the dogs.

its going to be a bloody good game!
Well done boys. No complaining from me this week - I'm just so impressed that we were able to dig that one out for the win. Good teams know how to grind out wins when things aren't going for them, and that's what we did on Sunday. Marvellous stuff :clap: :clap:

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