Another signing?

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UFO Hunter
Guys, there is a bloke on LU, Dikefalous. Tips off quite a few things in the past all with 100% accuracy.

Canberra changes and where monaghan is going ect all before hand. Has some inside info somehow but he has mentioned we are in contract talks with someone at the moment and says:

Stay tuned for some more exciting news and if manly can pull it off as they negotiaitng at the moment this player signing will be huge!!!

Who could it be?


Journey Man
Petero Civoniceva's manager admits no NRL club has come forward with the player's original asking price of $400,000 a season.

David Phillips says while the big-spending Sydney Roosters expressed their interest earlier this month in the Brisbane prop, they haven't approached him about signing the Test forward.

With O'Meley and another expensive recruit Nate Myles on the Roosters' books it would be a financial juggling act and a half by the Sydney club to fit Civoniceva under the salary cap for the money he is asking.

"It would be a pack and a half, wouldn't it?," said Phillips as Civoniceva's contract clock continued ticking.

"They're one of a number of clubs going back a week or so ago who said they'd be interested.

"There's been nothing of significance today.

"We're working through things you have to work through to bring things to finality."

Phillips said he had no plans to talk to the Broncos, who withdrew a $900,000 three-year offer last week after they had waited more than a month for an answer.

Civoniceva returns to training on Friday after five days away from football and is likely to discuss his future with Brisbane coach Wayne Bennett and chief executive Bruno Cullen.

"I'll have a chat with him tomorrow and I suppose Wayne (Bennett) will as well," said Cullen.

Brisbane have made formal offers to a few players which complicate any 11th hour negotiations with Civoniceva.

"If they're accepted, then we can't just say `Sorry it's no longer there'," said Cullen.

"If the offers we've made are accepted then that takes two thirds of the money we had for Petero away."

Phillips said he'd be surprised if Civoniceva could not find an Australian club for 2008.

"Right now I couldn't give you a dead set answer but I think I've got strong enough interest from a number of clubs to say confidently that wouldn't be the case."

Would those "interested" clubs have the $400,000 the Broncos didn't have?

"I wouldn't go that far, but there's genuine interest."

The money Civoniceva is chasing is available in the United Kingdom but his tight-knit family would make that option a last resort.

There were no developments on Thursday despite more pleas and calls from Brisbane fans not to let Civoniceva leave.

"I'd say mid next week would be a realistic chance to know where he is going," said Phillips.

"Anything sooner would probably be optimistic."

Civoniceva is keen to finalise his future before he enters the third Origin camp next week.


Reserve Grader
Please explain why???????? Manly would pay $400K a season for Petro? You could get 2 younger NZ or SAfrican running and offlaoding forwards from Rugby Union.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I would take Petero for two years straight away. To have King, Kite and Petero plus the backrow we have at the moment would be huge. Forwards win finals so they say!!!


UFO Hunter
One thing is for sure guys and its that this bloke has never ever been wrong.

Every time he has stuck his neck on the line and sometimes a week prior to the event and not once has he ever been wrong.

Just remember we are in negotiations so nothing is final.

The only two players I could think of would be Petro or Wendel. No one else immediately comes to mind.


Winging it
I don't know the details of Wing's contract with the bunnies but he was after 450k. That is an absolute joke. I would take PC @ 400k any day over that sort of deal. I will tell you now that if Petero doesn't re-sign with the Broncs they will be down the bottom of the ladder for two more years. Every club needs firing bookends to get there.


UFO Hunter
Your right MB. You just need to look at what the loss of Webcke has done to them.

If they lose both premiership winning props in the space of two years than the purchase of Clinton will do little to cover up the huge gap thats been left.


I heard wings contract was for 1mill over 4 years.. meaning 250k a year. He could have got more in union but turned it down.

Which brings me this point. The whole Wing drama has been a bit out of hand but at the end of the day I give him kudos for sticking with league. I have more respect for blokes that stick with league rather than piss off to that other BS.


Reserve Grader
I doubt that it would be Civonveiva.

Why would manly pay $400k a year for a prop comming off the bench. There is no way he would start ahead of Kite and King.

It must be someone else. Simms (Ashton not Eric)? Hannay? Chris Walker? Kane Cleal

Maybe he is talking about the fact that we have signed fat boy Perry which evryone knows anyway. Another bench prop.

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