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Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
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We are yet again testing a new theme.

Please let me know what you think of this one
This is only a trial ATM anyway.

Will be switching back and trialling a new one soon
The grey separation bar is too high (thick)

The white background looks a little old fashioned. (I may grow to like it though)

The text height is too small the white looks a little outdated can we try a really light grey?

the flyout of the menu needs some tweeking.
what exactly is the problem with the flyouts?

And these colours arent final.

The forum doesnt look so great but the front end does.
On my screen (IE 6.0.29...)
- Under Forum (very top of screen) the Flyout starts about central under The Alternate View. Needs better aligning. Same applies to Tipping Comp, Submit Content and Site Information.
- On l/h side where you log in and when signed in provides details of who is online etc the script size is a fraction too large (I have mine set for text size = smaller but it makes no difference). This means I miss the very end of information in this box.
- is not loading properly (or is supposed to be a small embossed square with a dot in it)

I think the look has good merit.

The very top site sections could be made to look more exciting. Currently bland and looks out of place.
Try solid maroon lines for all the headings. It may be better and give a crisper feel.

Being a horsie person from way back may I sugget you have a look at It has something special in the total look and layout. Crisp and clean. Not exactly suitable for an info portal which is the way this is constructed but it gets a huge thumbs up from me.
<span class='smallblacktext'>[ Edited Thu Mar 10 2005, 05:14PM ]</span>
yup i am just trialling a few designs none of which are 100% complete.

I hate doing web dsign so I just do the basics then let you decide if you like it.

I got sick of the forum design so may go back to it and put in the same forum design as this one.
Bloody IE alsways plays havoc with javascript and dhtml.

will try to repair it soon.

Other wise Firefox renders it perfectly :D
Must test on all platforms Zappa....tsk...tsk...

MB thats a damn good summary. You are a very worthy checker!
byso, I wouldnt check on a mac if I could.

I test it under all browsers

Opera -> IE -> FireFox -> Safari -> Netscape

you would think that would be enough
Oh the menu is fixed in IE.

It wont let me center align and the script is kind of strict in its principles, I will be working ona theme that doesnt need center alignment anyway
This one is good.

and in the chatbox for that red one - i coulndt find the forum, only the chatbox.

this one is much better
Sorry dude I thought you were saying that IE is the problem. Therefore didn't test on it. No problem.

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