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First Grader
Michael Monaghan has strongly denied media suggestions tonight (Tuesday,July 5) that is contemplating a release from the Manly club if the Sea Eagles sign Melbourne Storm halfback Matt Orford (see Home Page).
Monaghan is disappointed that it has been reported that he is contemplating a release.
"Nothing could be further from the truth - I want Manly fans to know that it is rubbish.
"I don't want a release and nor will I seek one,"he said.
Monaghan said it was the right of the club management to sign players-no matter the position.
"Ã? have a new contract I intend to fulfil - I love playing at Manly and reckon we can make a big noise in the 2005 premiership.
"I make no secret of the fact that I prefer playing halfback but I play wherever I am chosen by my coach for the betterment of the team,"Monaghan said.
Monaghan said he was unconcerned with reports that Manly may sign Orford.
"He's a fine player - if it happens it happens.The more class players we have the better we will go - he will make a fine hooker" Monaghan joked . - Media


Winging it
And this from the SMH under "Sea Eagles put in offer to Orford":

Monaghan responded by telling AAP he had signed a new three-year contract with Manly only because he thought he was playing halfback. He said he would "consider his options" if Orford joined the club.

Shut the **** up is my advice.


Journey Man
So sad to see the same errors there second time around.

Methinks the boy doth protest too loudly.


Reserve Grader
I reckon he would have read his contract pretty well and know that he has no options. What it really comes down to, is which horse's mouth do we believe? Each to their own fella's, each to their own.


Journey Man
I find it so amusing that some people seem to think AAP made that quote up.

Why? They have no vested interest. Their entire livelyhood relies on the provision of reliable news that other media organisations can RELY on for thier own content. They pay for this service and will discontinue to do so if AAP keep getting it wrong.

Manly on the other hand has every reason to try and deaden the issues, seeing as the potential signing of players depends upon a professional and united front. Unfortunately what they have given us is this bumbling Zorba fool trying to put out a bushfire by using a syringe that has lost its plunger.

Fair dinkum.


Reserve Grader
Your blinkers are attatched just as firmly as mine. We better be carful not to fall off this merry-go round.

If you were walking down the street and someone you didn't know walked upto you out of nowhere and said "Mata your job has just been offered to Joe Blogs, what do you think about that"

What the fu*k are YOU going to say on the spur of the moment. FFS i'd be ****ing crushed, let alone have it play out in the media as well!


Winging it
I think the "someone you didn't know" says it all Maddog. You would bite your tongue, carry on like a professional, mumble 'no comment' until something gave you reason to change your stance on a given situation.


Journey Man
1. Monas has known about this for months.

2. As captain of a club he represents far more than just his own personal interests. He actually needs to put those aside to serve the best interest of his employer (or tender his resignation, and then speak).

I'd imagine the club has spent significant $ getting Monas' media training, and this is what they get.



Reserve Grader
Like fun i'd bite my tongue if i'd read it in the papers all week and been stewing on it. I'd say you back stabbing bstd's.

Hey i want orford here as much as the next bloke, but just trying to look at it from his point of view if he did say "i will look at my options"

Jeez have a heart guys, yes people get sacked everyday but most are not on the back page.


Journey Man
What happens to the average CEO (on 240K per annum)who criticises his entity publicly? Especially when the criticism involves personal interest?

Let's be real. They either deal with it behind closed doors or they get sacked for airing their dirty laundry.

Perspective please, he's not a kid on $10 per week being dropped from the under 12s.

He's on $240k and as captain has responsibilities to uphold.

At the moment he's failing, and his good mate Zorba is just making it worse.


Reserve Grader
He's a bloody football player. Hardly up there with the educated peoples. You can't tell me you would react any differently in the heat of the moment, yes maybe after 5 min and you had time to think about it. He said the first thing that came to him, not the first time that's been done now is it.


First Grader
I tend to agree to Matabele.....for once......... He's comments are unfortunate. Especially the hooker barb.


i would simply just love to see Monaghs manage to stay out of the media for a fortnight and do us all a huge favour. im sick of reading about him about matters other than his performances on the park.

which are **** mind you and little wonder,


Journey Man
its a good thing footballers are not CEO's.

the dogs of 04
julien oneill

and can you imagine a CEO taking a leak in the middle of a shareholders meeting.

well at least that last one would be piss funny

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