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Internet service providers (ISPs) will be forced to block violent and pornographic material before it reaches home computers if Labor wins the next federal election.

Under the policy, announced by Opposition Leader Kim Beazley, international websites would be banned by the Australian Communications and Media Authority if they contained graphic sexual or violent material, rated R or higher.

The bans would be maintained by ISPs.

The policy aims to protect the two-thirds of Australian households where no internet filters are in place because of a lack of technical knowledge or cost.

Mr Beazley said all households would be included in the policy unless there was a specific request for access to such material.

It was "too hard" for many parents to install internet blockers on their computers to prevent offensive material being downloaded, he said.

"The point at which you can do that (effectively ban such material) is with the ISP," Mr Beazley told Southern Cross Radio.

"The ISP provider can cut it off.

"They (websites) can be controlled by Australian law and they (ISPs) can control them at the point at which they enter the country."

Similar systems operated in Sweden and Britain, he said.

In the past, Mr Beazley has called on the federal government to provide free internet blockers to all Australian households.


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It won't go through. His own MP's would block it :)

Funnier still, he thinks he's got a chance in hell of getting in.

Lathams got more chance of getting winning the next election. 18% :lol: :lol: :lol:


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This kind of stuff just frustrates me no end because they *know* that it's impossible and yet just say "yeah, it's OK, the ISP will do it!".

Fcuk you will they. Are you going to reimburse them for all the time and money spent on this bullsh1t attempt at garnering votes, knowing full well that that it doesn't work?

But I'll tell you what. If this is *really* about protecting the children, because filters are too hard to install, make it OPT IN. Otherwise, it's all about censorship and control.

Next it will be "well, you know, all this unfiltered news about the war is really making people want to revolt... filter it too! Why not? The ISP's already have the technology in place!".

Even still, ask China how the Google filter is going... if Google can't get it right for the most populated country in the world, who here reckons that Telstra will give a sh1t enough to care?

To prove my China / Google point. Go to and click the second link above the text box (that takes you to 'image search'). Search for 'Tiananmen' (that's the correct spelling). Now search for 'Tianamen', a slightly incorrect spelling.

Notice anything different?

Again, until it's OPT-IN, it's all about censorship.

Do you have your subscription to Electronic Frontiers Australia paid up? I do. Go to and give some money to those people that are actually acting on these things, not just whinging about them on some God forsaken footy forum :)

No, seriously, go give them money: they'll be the ones that will have the best chance of nipping this ****e in the bud. You have to remember: anything that one party offers, the other will too, eventually!


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Do you really think Australia takes notice of anything some dim witted opposition leader says?


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Clontaago: are you kidding me??

I was just watching Scrubs and there was a fantastic quote from it... "If tomorrow all the porn was removed from the internet, there would only be one page left and it would be called 'Bring Back The Porn'".

For your quick hits theres and (no relation, I've been told!). For your better stuff, get yourself a BitTorrent client then head to one of approximately 900 million torrent trackers.

Damn n00bs :)

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