Andrew Davey

Trolling? please I just don't rate Boyle. 30 man squad or 35 he has shown nothing in his career with us and GC my "belief" is we can do better than the boyles of the nrl clogging up our top 30.

To even suggest that Boyle has shown he is capable of performing a defined role in the nrl is laughable.

I get it our cap is tight I would prefer a young kid who may make it on minimum money rather than a player who has shown he won't make it just making up the numbers.

If boyle is playing first grade next season we are struggling big time others disagree that's fine.
Boyle is in the Cooper Johns class of player.


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Did we push him out the first time??
Pretty sure all the hate for des on here stemmed from the fact it came out that he was negotiating with the bulldogs long before we won the gf in 2011…

As for last year, I agree.. shouldn’t have sacked him… I don’t care who coaches this joint, Aslong as our backline is constantly disrupted week in/week out by a certain injury prone player, no one will be able to get this rabble into title contention
You’ve gotta wonder how badly the Penns handled those negotiations given the events that have transpired in the subsequent 12 years…. I have to say I have a very different view to the one I had at the time.


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Yes he was.

He wanted to stay all along. However Elontt and presumably his dad ‘Silent P’ (David Williams says ‘Hi!’) Pensk, were not keen on his demands for more resources. He was angry from at least 2010 onwards. Grahame Lowe said so in his end of season report for 2010.

Hasler is no doubt a control freak who can be difficult in some ways, but I’m pretty sure most if not all successful coaches are.

There are two sides to every story. However I believe Manly could have won at least one more title with Des at the helm in that earlier period. Alas those other control freaks - the Penns - had different ideas.
I’ve got no idea what happened, but if I recall correctly the football club and quantum had 4 of 7 board seats at that time so have to wear some of the blame…
Anyone who tries to bite Billy Slater’s ear off is a good bloke in my book
While lathering themselves with Vaseline in the process...
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Seems like Willie Mason and Mark O'Meley are trying to revive the old dogs of war mentality that has been lacking since their playing days in the 2000s.
I think the whole point of implementing a harsh training regiment is to weed out the players who don't buy into the culture theyre trying to bring back.
So they are looking to circumvent the salary cap and use PEDs not detectable on the current testing regime

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