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Andrew Abdo - Manly supporter

Desert Eagle

Active Member
Oct 27, 2019
So was just revealed in a press conference today acting NRL CEO Andrew Abdo is a Manly supporter.
Apparently when he first moved to OZ he lived in the northern beaches and that's where it all started..
Well its a far cry from our relationship with his predecessor..
The game has always done well when a Manly man has been in charge.

He may not have played for us, but he's still a a Manly man.

PS - I still want Tony Mestrov in charge, but I like Abdo for his honesty. Funky accent though.


played strong, done good.
Feb 13, 2016
I was just trying to show my depth of dislike for the Storm and Parra and there is as much chance of me being CEO of the NRL as there is of Parra or the Storm being relocated...

In all seriousness though, Abdo seems OK and will give him a fair go and time to prove his worth. But sports administration is such a political beast and only the very best survive with their reputation in tact. We will soon find out whether he succumbs to the usual suspects like Politis and the Storm lobbyists, although thankfully he has a strong chairman for support.
Albo's biggest advantage is, that in V'landys, he has a Chairman that will give very clear direction as to the goals and objectives of the NRL .... he will have enough scope to stamp his own personality into the job ... but it won't be a one man show like under GreenTurd ...


Staff member
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Oct 8, 2011
It'd be nice if when someone got asked by the mudia the person just said proudly "I follow Manly" rather than preface it with "Gee, well, cough, you know, hehe, er, um I know it's not going to be a popular choice....but I follow Manly." (hyperbole used)


Who do you follow?

Manly.... so get stuffed!


Well-Known Member
Jun 6, 2014
well enshante AA and welcome aboard!!!
how refreshing to have a CEO who is the fan of the mightiest team in the league and not its scheming plotting under-miner .At last we have a real CEO
As for you Greenburg.... rot in hell you bald headed c*&t

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