And the headlines read?

Its early i know but im starting to get real excited about the season to come.
The Orford facter has me looking forward to this season a little more than normal!'
Ive watched tapes of his games laast year and his ability to make players arround him look good is amazing. i also know were all worried about our go forward mainly the props but Orfords choice for manly was because of its enormous forward pack.
And whoever the 5/8 it really doesnt matter Orfords abbility to control the game him self will allow who ever it is to stand in when the opponents least expect.

PROPS. Theses blokes will need to be running at the line with pace un like recent years. king really should be a senior player now and start putting his body on the line, as for Kite no complaints but think he may need to put on a few kgs.
leuleui also needs to run a little harder and maybe save his big hits for when we are in a comanding popsition, his dart out of the line worried me at times but over all he does his job! then theres byant and rose who i think have great potential for the future and will be looking at these two guys to get fired up for the team.
Then include our back row and well, not a bad forward pack is it?

Jatz Crackers

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Yes Bold.

Its a real shame the NE venture spoilt it all with Ox back a few years ago.

With regard to the Props issue the only prob i see is if one or two just dont dig in this season. After Kings non performance in recent past i might be a bit on the jaded side of opinions but i cant blame meself for that.

But having said that its the back row that shines through and alleviates some of the concern. All three are a class act.


Kim Jong Dan
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I dont know that it was a shame really.
He has matured as a player and a person away from the club and developed under bellamy, I dont know that he would have been in the same calibre at NE


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Orford was a top player at NE and the Storm straight away. He was a big lose. We have him now at an inflated price.

I feel he may struggle with our lack of Prop depth. Hope i'm wrong.

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