And another Hawk !! that makes 6 now

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Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan
From Hawks to Sea Eagles
Wednesday, 26 October 2005


BLOOMFIELD junior Mitchl Hurford may have suffered a shoulder injury this season, but the 15-year-old did enough to win a scholarship with the Manly Sea Eagles.

As part of a two year scholarship Hurford will play with the NRL club's Harold Matthews side in 2006 before moving into SG Ball.

Hurford was spotted by Manly scout Noel 'Crusher' Cleal while playing with Bloomfield Tigers under 15s this year at Max Stewart Oval.

"I was playing club footy and ‘Crusher' was there," Hurford said. "Then he was talking to mum and dad at the pub that night.

"I broke my shoulder the next week and didn't get to trial, but still got a scholarship."

The centre will still live and go to school in Orange, but will travel to Sydney each Friday afternoon for training before playing on Saturday.

The Harold Matthews season, which starts in February, runs for eight weeks meaning Hurford will return to play under 16s with Bloomfield.

During school holidays Hurford will live in Sydney and get the opportunity to travel with the senior squads.

"It's going to be pretty tough," Hurford said. "But it will be a good experience as well."

This year Hurford played Group 10 and with the CHS Western side.

Hurford will join five Orange Hawks (Bloomfield's senior club) at Manly next season – James and Tim Mortimer, Todd Barrow, Brooke Nickson and Josh Nixon.



Journey Man
Interesting. Seems as though the club is moving in on the Central West somewhat.

A lot of the good youngsters out Dubbo way are tending towards the Union ranks with the Roos and Rhinos.

The Wheel
Premium Member
Obviously a lot of bad blood at the dogs, the Hughes Bros would not be happy either. The only thing I am concerned with is that we have never had a 'good son' of yet. Probably Mark Willougbhy would be the best of them IMO


Journey Man
Kane Cleal aint that bad, and is only 20. If he could channel his aggression into positive fire in the belly, we'd be sweet

The Wheel
Premium Member
Here is my 'son of' list:

Mark Willougbhy
Martin Bull
Leigh Krilich
Chad Randall
Scott Fulton
Brett Fulton
Grant Thorougood
Kane Cleal
Alan Thompson's son (can't recall his name)

Compared to their fathers, Not a lot of quality footy in that mob!

Ryan, Cleal has been promising a lot for the last 2 years, time to start delivering instead of relying on his father name


Journey Man
I think he has grabbed every opportunity with two hands mate. He's played pretty tough when given a shot in 1st grade. It's all about opportunity.

To be honest, I think he makes more of an impact than Jason King.


Journey Man
Jeez Wheel, all I'd have to do is one dummy 1/2 run for more than 5 metres, and yes, I COULD do better.


Reserve Grader
Hi all, I'm back after two weeks holidays!!! Todd Barrow and Tim Mortimer are both very good players and should go well. Todd, Tim, James and Josh all came down to Sydney and impressed at the trials which is where they were seen - it just happens that they all played for Hawks and are all mates. Brooke also played a few games this year for Hawks so has also been tagged 'a Hawk'. He is actually going into his third season with Manly so he's not really new. Selwoods and Cargo Wines? Haven't been there yet Mata but will keep it in mind :)

The Wheel
Premium Member
Hey KG - whats the go with the Mortimers coming to Manly?? ie the dogs didn't want them or the Mortimer family don't want the Dogs anymore?


Reserve Grader
No Wheel, its nothing like that. The Bulldogs hadn't approached them, and they had already been to the Dragons for a trial. I think they were getting ready to go and trial with the Tigers as well. They were invited to trial at Manly after a little bird mentioned to someone that they go alright and they brought Todd and Josh with them. They decided to stay at Manly because they felt happy with the way the club has communicated with them and they like the area. So there's no juicy gossip there at all. Manly have given them an opportunity and they are taking it. :)

The Wheel
Premium Member
Thanks for the update KG - one good thing is that they are coming to Manly for the right reasons, although some juicy gossip woudl have been good.

Hopefully they can live up to the Mortimer name at Manly.


Reserve Grader
I hope they go well too. They are both gutsy players with huge balls!! Good blokes too. Hi Byso 'tweet tweet' ;)


Selwoods Restaurant and Cargo Road Wines?

They sound a bit too upmarket for crusher.

He is a VB long neck man - well at least that is what he buys after each home game from the local pub. He usually drives up in a mini bus with arko and Kane and a heap of other blokes and buys a couple of dozen long necks for either celebrating or comiserating.

I reckon crusher thinks wine is what you put down the sink to clean the drain.


First Grader
Good on you KG you are making a difference for our club. It sounds like there worth the effort.

I'm interested to hear that there impressed with the clubs "communication"


Reserve Grader
I guess it all depends on who you communicate with. It can make a huge difference! Don't worry Tookey, he knows a good wine as well and doesn't mind the occasional glass of red. :)

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