Analysis of whether we can we do a Tigers/Panthers

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I'm trying to analyse whether we have what it takes to do a Tigers/Panthers (ie come from semi-finals oblivion and reach the pinnacle in one year).
2003 Panthers - the Panthers based their 2003 season on skill and experience in the inside backs (Girdler, Gower, Campbell, Whatuira) and pace to burn in the outside backs (Rooney, Lewis, Wesser). Their forwards were young and huge (Waterhouse, Clinton, Gulavao) and simply out-muscled and out-enthused everyone.
2005 Tigers - the Tigers based their campaign on a dynamic young halves duo (Marshall and Prince), and some wily outside backs who have been around a bit but were desperate for success (Richards, Whatuira, Elford, Hodgson). Their forwards were small, but mobile and skillful (Skando, Payton, Fulton, Galea). They out-enthused everyone with their team defence, and backed eachother up on offence.
2006 Manly - our halves overall are not as skillful as the Tigers were. Our outside backs overall aren't as quick overall as the Panthers were. Our forwards overall aren't as big as the Panthers were. Our forwards aren't as skillful as the Tigers were.
In conclusion, what I'm trying to get at is that I think the only way we're going do it is through standout individual performances. I'm not advocating a selfish approach - team performance is imperative - but what I do recognise is that our standout players (BK, Menzies, Choc, Orford, Bell, Stewart, Kite) are as good or if not better than the standout players in those other teams. We are clearly going need most of this group of 7 to fire EVERY single match for us to be able to pull off a similar run.

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Good analysis Crush! I think it is important to say that there are two comps - One is the first 26 weeks and the other is what happens when the semis start.

It is vital to get into the top 4 as history shows that is vital to chances.

The other big factor is momentum at the right end of the year. Manly were May Premiers last year but we limped into the semi finals on the back of the Roosters and Dogs who couldn't take the six or so opportunities for them to make it.

Depth of course is also pretty necessary and we seem to be in a better spot than last year. I hope that guys like Cuthbertson, Ballin, Burns etc get plenty of game time and experience this year as over 26 weeks we are going to need a top squad on the paddock.

The big unknown to me is how our pack is going to stand up - if they are strong and set a good platform our half and some smart backs could lead us to a high spot though I am of the belief we are a season away from our best (and are a back or two short of being top class).

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Playing to our strenghts is the key, that is what the Tigers & panthers did along with an innovative match plan.

Our strenght is obviously our backrow and it will be up to Orford to provide them with every opportunity to make an impact on the match.

Having said that our defence will have to lift a notch or 2 if we are to have any hope Unilke the last few years we have to consistantly keep the opposition below 18 points in a game (as per the first half of last season).

You make valid point Crusher, also you will find most teams that win a comp have minimal injuries through out the year and all their key players firing at the right time.

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\"out-enthused everyone\"
\"They out-enthused everyone\"
\"Our outside backs overall\"
\"aren't as quick overall\"
\"Our forwards overall\"

I agree that we must out-enthuse all the other teams but I somehow doubt that that is a realistic expectation if we are wearing overalls.


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the common link between the two teams is that both had some young/inexperienced guys step up big time - we dont even seem willing to give those guys a go ie cuthbo and ballin


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It seems to be the era of the Cinderella teams,Panthers,Tigers,Swans;so by the power of elimination,i guess that means this year it will be us or Souths,and we all know that Souths are no chance,so that just leaves Manly to win the comp this year.

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