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yesterday it could be justifiably argued that manly were undone by 50/50 and bad calls by the referee(although we shouldnt have let ouself get in that position).

this should not be a surprise.

if you look at the papers each monday 4 teams stand out when bleating about refs decisions in my view.easts,saints,canberra and manly.they have a common thread-namely finch,monaghan,woolford and in the case of saints a litany of offenders including ryles,ennis and barrett.

finch,monaghan and woolford are regarded by their peers as the biggest sooks in the game and by the refs as the ones who treat them with least tight clashes when a 50/50 call arises it is human nature to rule against a team that is continually treating you with a lack of respect.

why do these players continue to do this,particularly when dealing with schoolmaster types like clarke.REFEREES DO NOT CHANGE THEIR MINDS.

during yesterdays game monaghan was continually spoken to the referee for the way he addressed him.every week it is the is not so much the decision or game at hand ,but the continual reinforcing of a perception within the refereeing ranks that they are being treated with contempt, that manifests itself in manly missing the 50/50 calls.put yourselves in their position -they are human and you dont have to be a psychologist to work out how things will pan out.we may not like referees but they are a necessary evil and vital to the success or otherwise of a season.

nathan brown at least has admitted this fact is the biggest thing outside brisbane standing in the way of a title.i dont necessarily agee with his solution but he knows he has a big problem in this area and is trying to fix it.

when are we going to do the is embarrassing to watch as a supporter and detrimental to our struggling campaign.


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I haven't seen a replay of this game yet, but watching it at the ground it was incredibly frustrating as a specatator and I imagine 1000 times more so as a player.

All the close calls went against us, some of them were clearly wrong and that is without the benefit of a replay.

I don't normally lose my cool with ref's decisions, but yesterday was different. I was upset by many of the decisions so I cannot cast aspersions on any of the players that also took offence at Clarks performance yesterday.


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You have a strong point Sue, it's a professional game and the skipper should keep composed. Its his job to fire up the troups. Not the Ref!

We had many bad calls and I feel bad for the team.

But there were many parts of this game that we should of taken control. I hate it when the club blames the Ref for a loss. We have no control of those fools and its cost us another 2 points.

Dessie and Monas just shut the F up and win us games!

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I coach kids and constantly say to them that you keep your mind on the game. Once the ref becomes the issue you take your mind on what you are doing (and have control over) and start to focus on what others are doing. It ends up being counterproductive.
i agree corso -it was frustrating.but as i said-it is our history collectivel over 20 games that causes this.we are paying for ill discipline in this area over the whole season.there is one certianty in league-NEVER ARGUE WITH CLARKE. just ask parramatta.

as an aside bill harrigan writes an article in the gold coast bulletin each week.he has had a running battle with a manly fan after bagging us at the start of the year as being hopeless.each week is a vehicle for manly bagging-his constant references to toovey,fulton,hoppa,monaghan are unbelieveable.he referred to hoppa as a "blight on the game" and "a pest that had to be eradicated".he referred to monaghan as a "serial whinger with no respect for officialdom"

it just shows the effect all that badgering has.AND HE WAS THE BEST!it is ridiculous to think an individual referee will not subconciously favour a more disciplined team.time to fix it.


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I've played Oz-tag and as soon as anyone bags those cowboy refereees. Thats it your cerain to lose.

You wouldn't expect that in the NRL as its supposed to be professional and you would hope they would use the same rule book for both sides, but obviously thats not happening. We know it everyone knows it.

For christs sake Dessie fix this problem with Refs. Tell Monas to shut up or bring Hoppa in as skipper, he'll really piss the Refs of if thats what you want :evil:


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good call byso,the funny thing is he seems to complain about decisions that are right and then doesnt complain when you wouldnt blame him for blowing up,drop him to pl he is **** and would be better sited to that standard.


I cannot understand why monnaghan complains to the refs about decisions all the time. Has any ref evry taken notice of him and reversed a decision? Will it ever happen? No so why keep doing it.

he would be better served concetrating on his own game rather than complaining to referees all the time.


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I hope he's doing it to slow play up. If he is doing it to influence the ref then he's got No IDEA!
if you do it to slow play then do it correctly showing a bit of respect.they will all allow you to have a chat as long as you dont abuse is his manner that is the problem AND HIS BODY LANGUAGE RUBS OFF ON THE REST.
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16 11 5 116 28
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17 11 6 125 26
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16 9 7 48 24
17 9 7 67 23
17 9 8 1 22
17 9 8 -56 22
17 8 9 -81 20
16 7 9 -93 20
17 7 9 -32 19
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