An Apology for my reaction and moving forward

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Kim Jong Dan
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I thought I would extract this post of mine from the other thread as it holds an important sentiment.

The clubs action is understandable with the cluture of the club.
I guess we are still feeling the ripple effects of the joint venture and the culture that was bred due to it.

I ended up drafting a 2 page response in email and have sent it directly to Mr Wilson with disclaimers that it be read by him and only him. I wish to communicate with the him on this as i feel a resolution would be hindered in discussing the matters with a person without the power to action them.

I have made the concessions required and removed the content.

I also want to apologise for my "knee jerk" reaction. I responded on these forums with emotion and frustration rather than with my professional manner, skills and attitude.
It was good to see the support but I really should have read the letter over a number of times and calmly thought about it as well as consulted my solicitor before going off half cocked.

In the end I am confident we are not in breach of NRL or Manly Sea Eagles IP, and if we are I feel reasonable concession can be made to allow us to operate with very little change to the site.

An offer was made by the Sea Eagles in the letter to assist the supporters sites by allowing access to certain content to be reproduced on supporter sites with some limitations. I see this as both generous and beneficial to promoting the brand that we all are trying to promote. I will take them up on this offer and create a special "MSE content" page with all relevant information, content etc and working within the rules outlined within the document.

We do not currently use any MSE articles or content so from my standpoint the clubs actions have been beneficial for both of our parties.

In all I don't see that it will be a major problem and was the least of the offenders in this, because we have always been conscious of IP laws and issues.

I have also spoken with Matt of the White Stripe supporters and explained my stance and where I see the law and what the problems were. From what I can gather he has responded positively to this and rather than continue to argue with the club or escalate the issue he has started making the minor changes to his site and the way they operate.

I just hope the club appreciates this and helps us to continue to provide an aesthetically pleasing site to go along with our multitude of content and great members.



Dan - we know that the running of this site takes up a lot of your time especially sorting out matters such as this which I am sure you need like a hole in the head.

Just to let you know that your efforts are greatly appreciated to resolve the issues and that i hope that ST can continue in a format similar to what it is now.

The Gronk


Full credit to you for the way you have responded to all this (sorry for the leaguespeak!)

It's up to you personally to determine whether you felt you were "knee jerk" or "emotional" in all of this, but at the end of the day, you have a fantastic site that obviously has a lot of your blood sweat and tears in it. Why shouldn't you have felt frustrated and personally affronted if you believed your achievements have been threatened? I know I would if any of my professional achievements or personal interests were threatened. After all, we're people with real feelings, not robots.!


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yeah, well said Dan, credit to you. Maybe one day I'll apologise for my narky posts...........;0)

Jatz Crackers

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yeah, well said Dan, credit to you. Maybe one day I'll apologise for my narky posts...........;0)

Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I will have to respond in kind & retract all my narky replys to your narky posts. Warning tho,,,I only do conciliatory handshakes. I dont do group hugs or anything.

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