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All this website and the whole RL world is talking about THAT TACKLE! Hoppa strikes again. It has been the talk of every workplace and See Eagles forums are in meltdown mode.

What really gets up my nose is the Manly supporters who claim that those (such as some on this forum) wanting to get rid of Hoppa don't love the club and are disloyal or against him.

How blind can you be? Many of these supporters love Manly and want to see them do well - especially as we have been in the doldrums for years. How long do we have to put up with one player bringing our club into disrepute? How much more do we bear the ignominy of Hoppa's antics being the only news out of Brookvale. How often do we have a club executive telling the media that Hoppa is on his last chance?

Sure he plays with passion but so did Ferris, Toovey etc and I never saw bad headlines out of them. Who can deny the passion of the squad at the weekend who played two thirds of a first grade game a man down.

To suggest that Hoppa should go is credited by certain fans as disloyalty.

I beg to differ. We want the best for our club - the best go with the referees, the best go with Sponsors and the need for good publicity to get big dollars, the best chance to win the penalty count, a chance to play 13 on 13, and the chance to make the semis this year. If Hoppa doesn't fit into this he is expendable no matter what has happened in the past.

He has been a good player in previous seasons and carried us in the post Northen Eagles debacles but his antics etc have now marred him as a liability. Manly gave him a lifeline after his ill-fated Tigers years and he has been on his last chance so many times it is not funny.

If you love the club I think the only conclusion is, for the good of the team and the club - It is Time for Hoppa to go!!!

No player is bigger than the club he represents.


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touche ,
exactly my sentiments ,hoppa !!,hoppa who !!,
lets move on ,& lets keep moving on forward ,
whilst the wind is at our backs..


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Right on CW totally agree. Some people have got to get there head out of there arses and realise that people are allowed to be dissapointed with Hoppas antics.

I'm angry because he's playing the best footy of his career but constantly lets himself, supporters and the club down. I really like the bloke but he's a time bomb and yesterday was.....tick, tick, tick, boom

Mitch Next big thing, well he had a crack in NRL 2 years ago. But has been solid since. He'll do till Hicksy comes back.
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It's a dire shame we have to talk about this at all, when we secured a great victory over a Sharks team lots of people were talking about with big things.

At 1st I really felt sorry for him (Mata can atest to that), but maybe it's time to flesh new blood. I suggested NO Hoppa at the start of the season, and maybe my wished will unfortunately come true.

Jeez Hopps....WHY????


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The worst part is that we have heard nothing about the beaver's wonderful milestone!! Thx for the good things you have done Hoppa but it is time we sya our good byes.

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