AlternateEagles Banners on CH9 Manly/Para Game

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Just saw the "THAT's GOLD" banners on the Manly/Para game on CH9.

Pardon the pun but, "THAT's GOLD !!!"
CW we were on the screen but probably only on wide screen hapefully six can do a screen capture.

But Dan was the hilton...well done.
But according to 1 guy on ME people that come here aren't real supporters .

Will this crap ever end
<span class='smallblacktext'>[ Edited Sat May 21 2005, 10:00AM ]</span>

Well by getting the website on tv we are promoting the club, any promotion of the club, any press, negitive or not is good for the club.

That makes us the truest of supporter. We also go to the away games as well as the home games, what more do we need to do, play for the club?

a going to say it right here and now.

if anyone thinks we arent true supporters they are simply morons, if they cant get over something that hapened a year ago and open their eyes then its their problem not ours, we run a top notch site that supports the club and team
Very true KE and Dan, some people are obviously extremely jealous and ignorant.

They should get over it!
<span class='smallblacktext'>[ Edited Sat May 21 2005, 12:20PM ]</span>
Hope you didn't mind me using your name Byso,but it sprung to mind immediately
<span class='smallblacktext'>[ Edited Sat May 21 2005, 12:21PM ]</span>
not true supporters at all. you guys only started up your own site, get to games and take photos for the fans that miss out to enjoy etc.

dont worry about it guys I have seen nothing on here to make me agree with the opinions of others. doing a top job in my eyes.

I am happy to use both sites, more sites available to the fans the better. I guess I am a s!ut :)
Garts thanks mate thats 100% correct. I dot stay up to 4 in the morning fixing the site because i am a sadist, its because I love manly and enjoy providing a useful site for others to enjoy
When is this stupidity going to end!!! I didn't see the offending thread on ME and I am glad as those sorts of comments and arguments do nobody any good.

Like Garts I visit all Manly sites, though this one is my personal favourite!!!
I too am a skank


<span class='smallblacktext'>[ Edited Sun May 22 2005, 02:36PM ]</span>
I too am a skank


I'm almost as bad as you CC_Eagle. I frequent all of your aforementioned sites except for the Rockers website.

For Danny & Co, don't worry about the bad comments over at ME. You guys have done a good job with this website & also with your support for Manly.

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