Alternate View on July 2005 Recruitment

Orford cuts out two players with a long pass to Rokocoko.... He beats one with a swerve another with a step, bulldozing staight over the top of the fullback to score a glorious Manly try!!!!!!!
Like the sound of that????!!!!
Sounds a hell of a lot better than Monaghan drift across field, trns back right, turns back left, looks for a runner, goes himself, runs back, runs right, runs left, floats a looping pass two meteres behind Donald, Donald scampers back to gather it in but is hit from behind by a huge tackle, ball is split and YET ANOTHER Manly attacking opportunity is wasted.
Considering the salary cap......

Nate Myles

Cya Slater ----- Randall, Hollingsworth, Morwood, Stephenson

1. Stewart
2. Calderwood
3. Naiqama
4. Alberts
5. Hicks
6. Monaghan
7. Orford
8. Kite
9. Williamson
10. Myles
11. Menzies
12. Watmough
13. Kennedy

14. Leuluai
15. Dunley
16. King/Harris
17. Heckenburg/Bryant
I like it blunty

very well rounded with a bit more depth harris, bryant and stewy2. With willo at hooker to start we can play an extra prop and still have the 80min backrowers covered for injury in a game.

should a foward get injured harris or stewy 2 to come up.
Mullane is off contract too isn't he? Bet there's a rush to get his signature. So good of the Manly Daily to not mention him recently and warn the other clubs that he's available.
What about Witt? in P/L

IMO Witt's game is extremely inconsistent. He stuggles to find his man with passes, and if he does it is in a worse position than he is in. IMO, Witt would never have been the option at halfback if we got Anasta, because he is just not capable of running a team.

Management might feel differently, but Monaghan would relish at 5/8 IMO, running onto the ball 2 wide would suit his game beautifully.
but he hasnt improved for a while now, he has gone backwards and is playing his worst footy in manly colours.

Ryan, you could say the same about stephensen
Naiqama wont be going anywhere....... so move on people
you know us better than that. when have you ever seen us move on from something that quickly?
Scott Logan was in the Origin squad before he went overseas. Has been a standout forward for the bunnies.
Witt is young & improving. Leave him in the side.
I get it:

Witt is young & improving. Leave him in the side.
Burns is young & improving. Leave him in P/L.

Why not just pick on form rather than age and let them all compete for positions?
Here is the report on the Souths signings.

Rabbitohs Sign David Shillington and Danny Williams

The Real Rabbitohs has announced the signing of talented young front-row forwards Danny Williams and David Shillington to two year contracts today.

Both Williams and Shillington have been ear marked by the Roosters as future first graders and are sad to see them go.

Williams is a hard-hitting 113kg prop forward that has also played Premier League and made his First Grade debut this year.

Shillington was an Australian Schoolboys representative in 2003 from Westfield Sports High School, having taken up Rugby League only four years earlier.

“We believe both Danny and David are outstanding prospects,” CEO Shane Richardson said today.

They have both been consistently strong performers at the Roosters and we are happy to have them at the Rabbitohs next season.”
monaghan at 5/8 is a joke.most clubs play a receiver each side of the ruck anyway except when they have a real star in their ranks..if he ****s up on one side of the ruck he'll do it on the other just as well.9 or manchester.

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