Alternate Eagles Big Day out - All welcome


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Hi all,

Since we managed to turn the other thread into a religious debate, here is a clean skin version

The Details
- 9:30 AM breakfast at Lauges Club
- 11AM, walk to the ground and take up position
- 12AM, Flipper goes for first beer run :D (J/k)

Where we will be sitting at the ground

Mac Donalds end of the hill next to the Varneys Professionals Sign

What to bring: MArron and White clothing, Flags, Banners and any other gear that will help us stand out as Eagles supporters, Your vocal chords ready for a screaching. Most importantly YOUR SENSE OF HUMOUR

We want to stand out and be noticed, we want the team to know there is a large supporter base behind them and we want them to hear us cheering them on.
So lets all gather and be loud and get behind the team.

All supporters are welcome to join us

See you there.

bring cliffyisgod so i can give him a cd
Will do mate.

It's more than likely he'll be the only one apart from myself interested in sitting with the AE crew.

Hows your Pumpkins Dan?
lol fair enough. Pumpkins going well. There are some songs on there i havent heard for ages, In particular rhino!

Going to introduce CIG to Radio Birdman and some good old aussie punk and garage bands from the 70's & 80's
You three will be by yourself!! Must say I am looking forward to the Greatest Hits of the Smashing Pumpkins!!!!

It came out years ago dude
Good **** that. Did ya know that Billy is releasing a solo album sometime soon?

lol good ol Radio Birdman!

yeah saw that, am very interested in it but Zwan was not as good as pumpkins, it just wasnt the same without Iha on guitar, Darcy on base and chamberlin on Drums.

Birdman Rocks dude.

Also got an album for him with some greats like "The Flaming Grovies, Public image limites, the pixies, Devo, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Rezillos, New Race, The Cure" heaps ons there
no. the feature to move posts is broken!
[quote author=Canteen Worker]
You three will be by yourself!! Must say I am looking forward to the Greatest Hits of the Smashing Pumpkins!!!!

It came out years ago dude
I know that! It is my favourite album name - Social forum for you buddy!!!!
Oh, and if Billy is going to release a solo album then it will be far more like the Pumpkins won't it?

Iha, D'arcy and Chamberlain were window dressing weren't they?

D'Arcy there only for the nude shots on the album covers.
Billy wrote the guitar and lead guitar but Iha played it whilst Billy did rhythm and some lead licks.

D'arcy never did great base but was an essential linch pin.

Chamberlain I think added a lot to the band with some Ringoesque subtle drum beats and some very classy ones too.

When they guy from Filter filled in he was good but it wasnt the same with him drumming

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