Aloiai v Kent


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its a tough one. could the NRL not register players with concussion or multiple injury concerns as a risk analysis to its insurance premiums. what insurance company would take the NRL as a client on anway so this would have to be self funded.

one thing for sure the status quo will not continue if this came about


Concentrate on your game, perform. Then you can shoot your gob off a bit.

Kent deserves it, but you gotta come at him from a position of strength. It also makes your abrasive character a bit more digestible to those who wish you would just play good footy as your main focus.

Settling scores and taking names is for winners. Not unfit, blustering, non performers


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Can we start a fan push to trade this ****er for maybe Sharon Woods? Josh is the smallest prop in NRL history and should go work at the church with the other troglodytes
Hey hey lets not get carried away here! Can't stand to see Sharon backing into defence in Manly colours.

All I can say is Aloiai better play the house down on Saturday night


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Well surely they can't expect the NRL to cover their healthcare after football if it's not a related football medical condition.

I think there is merit in some form of pension to cover long term playing injuries get from playing the game. I guess where its tricky is how you would define etc


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It's a game where players get the '**** bashed out them' each and every week and they get $300k+ each a year for doing so, which is much more than most others earn. It's a choice they make to play NRL, and they all know the risks involved.


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Just an aside - so given JA also thinks himself a boxer and almost had a bout during his footy playing days at Manly (until it was cancelled) and I'm assuming would, like say Paul Gallen, want to get in the ring when he retires from footy, who would be expected to foot the bill for any long term CTE/ABI condition? Should you be entitled to NRL coverage if you also go into a boxing ring during and after your footy career and have your melon pounded? The NRL have introduced strict rules on head contact for this very reason and yet some of the players (including health concerned JA) actively seek out people to bounce their brain around for entertainment. I don't get it.

Oh ..... and I'd wish he'd pull his head and start playing some good footy for us.


Why did Josh not stay at the Tigers?. He could have yelled and screamed and expressed himself all he liked - and no one would have heard or cared less.

We don’t need voices speaking for us in gods country. We need really footy players making tackles and scoring tries.


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