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Kim Jong Dan
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When people buy laptop...they smell blood. ****ing MAC users!

(for title reference see:
Well they are mac users, they were trying to buy iBooks. they are Macs, you can hardly blame PC users if they are MAC users can you.

Bloody MAC users, always trying to shift the blame!
"It's rather strange that we would have such a tremendous response for the purchase of a laptop computer -- and laptop computers that probably have less-than- desirable attributes," said Paul Proto, director of general services for Henrico County. "But I think that people tend to get caught up in the excitement of the event -- it almost has an entertainment value."

Gold :)
Hey Daniel: you know I love to pick nits, but having a go at MAC users is a little unfair... I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if 95% of people on this forum are using a MAC ;)

A Mac, OK, something different :)

Anyway, just wanted to get that dig in before I head on off into the wilderness... :)
yeah yeah it was more shouting than talking about MAC as opposed to Macintosh.........

Hurry up and go to canada would you :D j/k
Yeah yeah, would love to just get there straight away. Shame I have to go via Tahiti first... I don't know, there's something very cool about saying "sorry, can't catch up: we're going to Tahiti for the weekend" :)

And besides, I have to wait for some leech to come and steal away my UPS and booze...

Who would that be... You can take your never used UPS to Canada if you want..... but it will sit nicely in my arcade machine
It ain't going to Canada: Amy wouldn't have that. I even had to throw out all the computer cases I had last night :(

Slightly OT, but relating to your topic title. I'm wondering how people will react if I yell 'Move Zig, for great justice!' on takeoff...

Tell you what, will let you know how it goes in a few days :)

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